Welcome to the World of Wrestling!

The spectacle of Wrestlemania seems an appropriate image with which to set the tone.

Hi IWC! My first confession is that after this year’s Royal Rumble (2010), I went in to ‘semi-retirement,’ if you will, from the IWC. This may seem inconsistent with my setting up of an internet blog about pro-wrestling, but let me explain.

I am a ‘veteran’ of the WWE Universe and used to trawl the wrestling news website ewrestlingnews regularly. This meant that I knew Edge was returning at the Royal Rumble, ruining not only that surprise alone, but also that of the Royal Rumble winner (which was surely going to be Edge given his return). It was for this reason that I ‘quit.’ I love talking about all the back-stage politics and what have you, but the spoilers and rumours which were a big part of that started to dampen the twists and surprises of the televised product.

The intention of this blog then is to discuss the athletes, the feuds, the matches and everything about the televised product of pro-wrestling, as they happen, while avoiding the back-stage stuff. It will also give me an outlet for my need to discuss wrestling without giving my friends a barrage about it when they’re, in the most part, not interested.

I look forward to discussion, debate and enthusiasm, and I hope you all enjoy!


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