A Couple of Bits of Trivia

Edge has cashed in the Money in the Bank contract twice.

Here’s a couple of bits of trivia that just occured to me following Wrestlemania.

The first is that, in one way or another, Edge has been involved in every Money in the Bank victory and/or cashing-in. He won the first match, and maybe his consistant involvement thereon is due to him being seen as an innovator of the concept. From then on, the second year he helped RVD cash-in successfully; the third year he cashed in himself; the fourth year, he lost after Punk cashed in; last year, Punk cashed in again after Jeff Hardy had a match with Edge; and finally, this year, Swagger cashed in after Jericho was attacked by Edge.

We’ll have to see if it continues next year …

Another one is a potential sequence of returements at Wrestlemania.

In my first proper post, I talked about Ric Flair retiring at Wrestlemania 24, last year, JBL retured and this year, Shawn Michaels retired. This isn’t much of a trent so far. But I also believe that either Batista or Undertaker will be retiring in the next year or so. I can’t help but think that is Taker retires, it’ll be at Wrestlemania. I understand on top of this that Rey Mysterio has said he plans to retire in three years at ‘a big event’. So if Taker retires at Wrestlemania 27, and Mysterio at 29, then if someone goes at 28, it’ll be six Wrestlemanias in a row in which someone has retired.

Of course, this isn’t surprising, and its certainly very hypothetical, but I thought it was worth a mention. Ok, the MITB trivia was better!


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