RAW Recall: Orton and Swagger Shine

Swagger showed this week that he can hang with the best

As the title says, the match between Randy Orton and Jack Swagger stole the show last night on RAW. When he came out at the start of the night to cut his promo, he looked like a babyface (in the non-kayfabe sense of the word) and maybe not ready to handle his new-found position. His match with Orton however, remedied this initial judgement. His being in the ring with arguably the best there is right now looked natural, and their match had good back and forth which made them both look strong. The result may have surprised many. I exected some sort of non-finish ending so neither would have to lose, but in retrospect I think Orton going over was the best result. In no way was he burying Swagger. The  fact that they got ten minutes and Swagger was allowed to look strong showed that. But since Swagger is going to Smackdown, his loosing on RAW really shouldn’t affect his credability there at all, especially after an awesome match with Orton.

I realise that the Batista-Cena feud has to be tied up, but lets hope Extreme Rules is the end of it. Yes they put on a great ‘Mania match, but lets hope the feud isn’t milked dry. The last thing Cena’s poularity (and the fan’s patience) needs is an elongated feud where Batists and Cena fight for the WWE title every PPV until Summerslam! I know this is a view most prevalent among he IWC, and it behooves the WWE to keep Cena as top babyface, but he needs to TURN HEEL, or atleast GET A NEW GIMMICK already! What RAW showed was that this feud has already run dry, and Cena’s feuds will continue to have shorter and shorter lifespans while he’s still  a superman face.

Another star was NXT ‘rookie’, David Otunga. His being guest host gave him a bigger and better platform to showcase his charisma, and helped him get a rub of credibility from people like Cena. It was good that he also got to take part in the work with Batista (i.e. screwing Cena in the tag math). Though the connection between Otunga and Batista was explained a little clumsily, this gave Otunga a ‘scalp’ to go back to NXT with, as well as the flagship exposure. For me, he is one of the real hopes of NXT, along with Daniel Bryan and maybe Michael Tarver.

Christian and Ted DiBiase put on the other notable match of the show. For both, but especially for DiBiase, this is a cross-rhodes (pardon the pun) of their career, and a good-feud between them is possible, and just what DiBiase needs. For Christian, after the draft I think he’ll be getting some sort of a push, be it a smaller one to the IC/US title (as a stepping-stone to the main event) or just straight to the main event, but this is nonetheless a good thing for him to be doing in the meantime. Good to see the Million Dollar Championship again too.

Again, the divas match was a disappointment. The first half in which they trimmed the fat of people like the Bellas was the worst, and i’m pretty sure Rosa practically jumped out of the ring herself! The problem here isn’t the quality of the divas. People like the Bellas and Kelly Kelly aside, the majority of divas are actually very talented or at least decent in the ring. The problem is that they aren’t getting a chance to showcase this. The platforms they need are storylines and matches which last longer than 2/3 minutes. Give them this, and the divas division will improve ten-fold. Smackdown does this a little better though it still has problems.

However, turn over to iMPACT! and you get a mixture of confusion, chauvanism and ridiculousness. The ‘Knocklock Showdown’ was probably the worst idea i’ve heard of in a long time. The matches are a little better (but not by that much) and for that you pay with horrific television. If you want a new champion, why not have the knockout win it directly in a match, rather than an episode of Deal or no Deal! Tara gets a spider?!!? and worst of all, Daffney is required to do a strip-tease! What a sickening concept. And in case that wasn’t enough, Lacey Von Erich, from a proud wrestling family, has to come out and do one too. The female wrestling could be ten times better, but it doesn’t deserve viewership with content like that! 

Still lots of matches to be added to the Extreme Rules card. The two world titles are pretty much booked. Apart from that, it’ll be interesting to see how the rest is booked. I’m pretty sure the Hart Dynasty will get a tag match, HHH will face Sheamus in some way, and Christian may also get a match with DiBiase. Exciting stuff!


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