A WCW Hall of Fame? and a Storyline Suggestion

Sting would be the only WWE Hall of Famer to have never wrestled for the company

I’ve heard before that WWE would like to add Sting (who despite working for WCW and TNA at different points, and never for WWE, is on good terms with the company) to its illustrious Hall of Fame.

I’ve now heard the rumours about a WCW themed class of 2011. This would pressumably include people like Lex Luger, Diamond Dallas Page, The Road Warriors, as well as Sting and apparently Bill Goldberg, who has been talking about working for the WWE in a non-wrestling position in the future.

I can’t help but wonder whether people like Page and Goldberg in the same league as people like Antonio Inoki, Buddy Rogers, Harley Race etc? You can’t really argue with Lex Luger, The Road Warriors or Sting, but I don’t know whether a whole class can come from WCW.

Also, considering how much of the TNA talent are closely associated with WCW, this move could be something of an own-goal from WWE, drawing attention to other WCW stars currently plying their trade in TNA: Nash, Hall, Hogan, Jarrett, Flair and even Bischoff. Propogating nostalgia like this might draw attention to their current (if somewhat outdated) competitors.

Saying that, WWE have much more street-smarts than I do, and they’ll be aware of this. Not to mention the fact that considering how much WWE plans seem to change and the distance until the announcement of next year’s inductees, this is nothing more than an uncertain rumour. An interseting one nonetheless. And despite what i’ve said, I like the idea in theory, just maybe not in practice (seen as people like Nash and Jarrett, who have the best claims, simply wont get in due to their allegiance to TNA).

If this does go ahead, I have a little storyline proposition. I really feel that this year’s Wrestlemania should/will be Undertaker’s last, and I think that if Sting was to be around WWE at that time, there is potential for making a great final match for him:

Sometime after Survivor Series, Undertaker cuts a promo saying that he is tired and too old to keep wrestling (etc) and announces that he will retire at Wrestlemania. At this point, Stephanie comes out as a heel (seen as ‘Mr. McMahon’ no longer exists as a character) and tells him that he earns her family too much money and so she wont allow him to go until he sees out his contract (which they could say has something like another 5 years to go). She could then go on to say that if he wants to retire, he’ll have to earn it, by beating an opponent of her choosing. At this point Sting would come out with his baseball bat, walk past her and confront ‘Taker in the ring.

They could feud for a while, with Sting initially being a heel, but by the time ‘Mania comes around, they can both show mutual respect and be faces. The whole point of this is that it allows Undertaker to retire at Wrestlemania without losing ‘the streak’, while still giving Sting the honour of wrestling ‘Taker’s last match. Its a long way off, but i’d like to see something like that. I don’t know what people’s reactions are to this idea?


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