NXT Concept in Jeopardy? (Potential spoliers)

NXT: the latest and certainly unique vehicle for propelling young talent to the top of WWE

I heard recently that the NXT concept may be being scrapped by WWE. While they are persevering for now, there are signs that the concept is in jeapordy.

As I said in my last post, I was at last night’s taping in London and much of it seemed unpoular with the fans. Even I cautioned about how the mental/physical challenges that start the show should be used, and this week proved very disappointing in that regard.

This week saw the eight rookies showing off their mic skills in a speeches challenge. They were given topics ranging from ‘passion’ to ‘rainbows’; the fans weren’t shy about making their disapproval heard. The boos rang out throughout the segment with only Wade Barrett (the home-country boy) escaping the onslaught. The overwhelming feeling was that we just wanted to see some wrestling!

I understand why they are doing these segments. Its a way to show off the wrestler’s skills in a way that will retain a unique identity for the show. However, I tend to agree with those that were booing. My suggestion would be to have it so that the winners of the matches  will get the opportunity to cut a promo the next week. This way they could still give the talent a way of showing their talents in a way that will be unique to NXT, without wasting a quarter on the show on segments only slightly connected to the reason we’re all there: pro-wrestling! With this in mind, I approve of the stipulation of the forementioned ‘speeches’ segment which I think gave the winner the opportunity to come out the ring with his own entrance music/titantron from now on. If he’d have won it by winning a match, the  I would have been lauding the whole idea, rather than criticising it!

Saying all this, i’m still keen for the concept to continue, at least if it goes more in the direction i’ve outlined above. Its a dynamic vehicle for propelling young talent, and for that reason alone, it deserves a place. Not only that, but its good for the ‘pros’ who take part too, adding another string to their bow, so to speak, and being an immediate way to introduce interesting, original storylines.

As for the show itself, it was solid without being spectacular. Without spoiling anything else, It’ll be interesting to see where the Darren Young/Straight Edge Society angle goes from here. If it goes somewhere good, he might just have saved himself from post-NXT obscurity.


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