Smack of the Week: Compliments to the Divas Match

Returning from a knee injury, James represents the best of female wrestling

As I said in an earlier post, I was at this Smackdown taping, but I thought i’d wait until now (when it’s been televised and I got a chance to listen to the commentary) to write more on it.

With the Extreme Rules main event being concrete between Swagger and Orton, it looks a lock that Orton will get drafted to Smackdown. If he does, it will be a very good move, freshing up RAW’s tired main event scene, and providing us with what could be a great feud between him and Swagger, and the potential for future ones with Edge and Jericho.

Cryme Tyme, enjoyable as they were, really weren’t going anywhere, and the split is an exciting development. JTG is explosive and Shad is, well, huge. Both have potential to advance their career, but this feud will be crucial. Get it right and I don’t see why both could advance to the US/IC title level, for instance. This week’s set up with Shad standing by the ring throughout the match was nothing if not intense, but perhaps more could have been done.

With Swagger and Orton a lock, so too is the continuation of the Jericho-Edge feud. The end of Smackdown was certainly difficult viewing (in the good, intended way) and this feud will only grow in intensity. I think we need a new level however if there is an Extreme Rules match (I can’t see both being left off the card),because while the ‘damaged goods’ idea is interesting, it’s really been the focus for both of them for a long time and though it isn’t quite yet, could start to become quite stale. If not, I think it would be lest to let it lie and draft one to RAW. It’s been a while since Edge was there, eh? This isn’t criticism of the two, its more of a concern for this particular idea. These two are among quite a small group of people who can sell this idea in a way that demands empathy, and that is why they are among the best there is. Lets just say I don’t think Cena and Btista could swap feuds with them!

This wasn’t the main event, but I think it deserves special praise. The divas matchwas the best divas match I’ve seen in a long while. The division has been struggling, even in TNA now, where it is supposedly a strong-point, but it just goes to show what i’ve always said, you put talented divas in the ring for a decent period of time, they’ll put on a good show. Mickie James’ time in the ring might not be long these days, especially if her music career takes off, but I think she may even have done enough to receive serious Hall of Fame consideration in the future. This is all premature however, this sentiment has just come from being impressed with this week’s match. Though Michelle McCool isn’t quite of Mikie’s calibre, she’s no slouch, and each of them showed innovation in this match, which had genuine drama (lacking from many recent divas matches) and played in to an interesting, developed storyline with Beth and Team LayCool.

On a slightly related note, i’ve been a big fan of the up and coming Eve Torres, and her becoming Divas champion shows that i’m not the only one. We’ll have to see whether or not she’s ready, but it is my hope her and Mickie get drafted together. I think with Mickie’s mentorship, Eve could become a top diva of similar ability.

A couple of last things. Striker continues to come up with goofy nicknames. The latest: calling Drew McIntyre ‘The Mull of Kintyre.’ For crying out loud …


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