The Airborne Toxic Event Means Changes for Tonight’s RAW

Not really to do with current storylines or anything, but I thought it right to post something about it nonetheless.

It looks like tonight’s RAW will consist mostly of Smackdown talent, who were lucky enough to make it back via Ireland. This means that the Smackdown roster will also be doing double-duty unless the RAW crew can get back by tomorrow. At this point, however, that even looks unlikely.

My heart goes out therefore to everyone involved. Everyone in WWE (and some in TNA, with Doug Williams missing Lockdown and having to vacate the X Division title) has had it hard. Also to the fans who bought tickets to see RAW live. Though I know many will also be fans of Smackdown, that isn’t what they paid to see, and there will also be many there who don’t watch Smackdown (which gets lower ratings) who wont have much of an interest in it either. I’m sure they wont be disappointed by the calibre at least.

As J.R. has said on his blog, however, this will make for a unique RAW and may have very interesting/entertaining results. In some ways, it’s happened at a good time, given its proximity to the draft and following Wrestlemania (when the rosters tend to mix anyway, as opposed to the time of the November tour). I personally look forward to seeing how Drew McIntyre meshes with the Monday Night red.


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