Thank God for RVD (for TNA)

RVD was 'Mr. Monday Night' last night at least

It’s been a long time since TNA has drawn me. I’ve never really liked the ‘attitude’ of TNA, and the Hogan/Bischoff era seems to have taken it to a new low; Lockbox challenges, retireable stars, and an apparant rehash of a now out-dated attitude approach to wrestling has been a turn-off for me.

However, I understand last night’s iMPACT! was the best in a long time, capped off by RVD winning the TNA Heavyweight Championship (making him, I believe, the first wrestler to have held the WWE, ECW and TNA heavyweight championships).

Usually when I have watched iMPACT! it has consisted of a horrible show, but one good match. I don’t yet know if this ios the case with this week’s episode, but I hope not. I have been very critical of TNA, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want it to succeed. I’m a fan of wrestling and the more quality product, the better for me and for the industry.

This is why RVD might be a godsend for TNA. Kurt Angle has long been largely carrying the company in my opinion, and after Lockdown, he announced he was taking some time off. Now I know AJ Styles (was) popular, but a guy with such horrible mic skills can’t maintain a quality show. RVD isn’t the best either on the mic, but he has a certain confidence that comes across well, not to mention the fact that you know he will always give his all.

The creative direction is more crucial, and that doesn’t look to be changing soon, but if RVD remains with people like Angle (and I hesitatingly add Jeff Hardy) then at least the company might have some drawing power.

I have suspicions about the result of last night’s show. A surprise is always good, but this seemed to have no backstory, no logic behind it other than grabbing headlines. And while I am skeptical that I will be drawn to watch next week, I have at least been drawn to watch last night’s episode.


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