PPV Predictions: Extreme Rules 2010 (and some draft predictions thrown in)

Extreme Rules, Sunday, April 25 from Baltimore

Welcome to my first set of predictions on this blog! I always say WWE PPV’s are mostly unpredictable, and that I am certainly no better necessarily than anyone else, but I like to think I can put some interesting, educated thoughts towards it! On a side not, its a shame there’s no Drew McIntyre vs Matt Hardy match for the IC title on the card. Hopefully it will be added on the night. Anyway …

CM Punk vs Rey Myseterio (Hair Match)
The first match will be what will probably be the climax of the engaging and entertaining Mysterio-Punk feud. This should be a very good match with the innovations both guys can bring. I think Mysterio will win this one. Firstly, I think the stipulation is unclear about what happens if Punk wins, and secondly, as I say, I have a feeling that  this is the end of the feud, and that wouldn’t be the case if Punk won.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Women’s Championship Match: Michelle McCool vs Beth Phoenix (Extreme Makeover Match)
This one is quite difficult to predict, not least because no one’s quite sure what an ‘Extreme Makeover’ match is. However, I don’t think the Michelle-Beth feud has ran it’s course yet. Usually, therefore, i’d predeict Beth to win, but I can’t quite see that happening yet either. With the draft coming up, i’m not sure what will happen to Beth, but I am sure its not the end of the road for Team LayCool. I can also see the potential for adding a third diva in to the equasion (perhaps to replace Mickie James?) and for those reasons I can’t see Beth vanquishing Michelle yet. Expect the height of cheating from Michelle though!

Winner: Michelle McCool

Shad Gaspard vs JTG (Strap Match)
This one was probably the hardest to predict, simply because the feud is in it’s formative stages. The story will be of how much bigger Shad is and how he is more suited to this sort of match, and therefore, I think it will be about the passion of JTG coming through. Also, a JTG win is probably more condusive to the feud’s continuation.

Winner: JTG

Triple H vs Sheamus (Street Fight)
This match could go either way. It could either be brilliantly brutal, or a bit of a let down. I think the result is probably a bit clearer though. Having lost at Wrestlemania, and with the feud still going strong, I can’t see HHH winning again. Sheamus will go over and cement his main event credibility further.

Winner: Sheamus

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Randy Orton vs Jack Swagger (Extreme Rules Match)
I would like to see this as the main event, but I doubt it’ll happen. A couple of weeks ago i’d have said 100% Jack Swagger will win, but considering his minor losing streak, it’s more difficult to tell. I’m hoping it’s a work of some kind and he’s not going to be a transitionary champion. I think however, they’ve gotten behind him in terms of booking, and perhaps they want his first big win to be at PPV level (he is a heel after all), so i’m going to edge it to Swagger. Whatever happens though, this will probably be the best match of the night.

Winner: Jack Swagger

Chris Jericho vs Edge (Steel Cage Match)
Like with the Punk-Mysterio feud, I think this has been great, but it’s coming to a natural end now. The injury and ‘spear’ angle is good, but I think if it goes beyond this PPV, it will start to get tired. For that reason, I see edge winning this one and coming out on top in the feud, especially since he lost at Wrestlemania, and even more especially given his ‘damaged goods’ situation that he will have to overcome. I think this is a pretty safe bet.

Winner: Edge

WWE Championship Match: John Cena vs Batista (Last Man Standing)
There are certain rumours flying around that Batista will be taking a break after this PPV, and I never thought i’d say this, but its a shame. I’ve enjoyed this Batista heel character, and it’ll be some interesting intensity that will be missed if the runmourse are true. Who knows what the match will be like. Obviously both guys can put on shome great shows as they did at Wrestlemania (or they wouldn’t be where they are!), but they can also put out some slightly disappointing stuff. Like many, i’m sick of the sight we will probably see at Extreme Rules: John Cena, the last man standing.

Winner: John Cena

As for the draft, perhaps ‘predictions’ is the wrong term. Again, it’s genuinely unpredictable, but one thing that does seem highly possibly is Orton getting traded to Smackdown (a very very good move for both shows). If this happens, I believe Edge will be the one to replace him on RAW. As I say, his feud with Jericho is reaching it’s climax, and the best way to sever ties is to draft him to RAW. Face for face, Orton for Edge. Who knows about the rest!


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