WWE Draft: All Change and an Awesome Episode!

The Hart Dynasty finally won tag team gold last night in what was the first of many great matches

There was not one bad match on last night’s RAW, but with that in mind, i’m only going to really talk about the non-draft matches and the draft picks themselves.

The Hart Dynasty-ShoMiz match was a classic. Eventhough the result was almost innevitable, that didn’t detract from the in-ring performance. Matches like this just go to show that you don’t need blood or spots all over the place to make a great match. This was quite subtle. It built really nicely and had a few near falls (though not loads and loads) and had a good finish with Bret Hart at ring-side administering justice, leading to the Hart Dynasty win with the very fitting Sharpshooter. It is matches like that that will save the tag team division.It was nice to see the familial celebrations at the end. It really made it seem like an achievement (which of course it is) and a career mile-stone. They now look the complete package and I look on with interest at their first feud as champions.

The first draft pick was the most baffling. Kelly Kelly to Smackdown? For someone who doesn’t have title aspirations, it seems slightly odd to have her switched (at least in the main show). I would have liked to have seen Gail Kim get the call. She could help Smackdown’s improving division. However, if Kelly Kelly has something to do with Team LayCool (perhaps joining them) something interesting could happen.

Big Show to Smackdown I suspect was partly to aid the split of ShoMiz, but on Smackdown he might get a good shot at the main event, so I approve.

Morrison and R-Truth to RAW was a good idea. They were starting to stagnate a bit. I think they’re going to be a bit behind on charisma, but it’s certainly fresh. Expect JoMo to feud with Miz over the US belt.

Edge to RAW is an exciting move that I predicted. Given their history (and their lack of past feuding) I think the Orton-Edge feud will be great. Is Edge turning heel though? That would be a very quick turnaround? We’ll have to wait and see. It’s not a lock yet seen as it could be part of an angle. I hope he stays face though.

Kofi Kingston to Smackdown is another one that will breath freshness in to both show and wrestler. I think he needs to go for the IC belt and build up again. We know he has the potential.

Christian going to Smackdown and making the title gesture to Swagger was very encouraging. Given the lengthy feud these two had in ECW, they could really put a good programme together and give Christian the title he (probably) deserves. Shame he wont be on the same show as Edge though …

Jericho to RAW really was a surprise. He’s always a good draw though, so perhaps it’s something to do with that. The potential for a feud with Orton in the future is mouth-watering, and i’m sure he could make Cena look good in a decent feud too. But as he said (on Twitter or something) he’s ‘spent the last year on RAW, Smackdown and NXT, so it makes no difference’.

The main event was the other non-draft match of the night. Though there was a bit of a hangover from Extreme Rules, once the match got going it was another good show (I always say, even Cena and Batista can do it!) Sheamus has shown real improvement over the last few appearances, incorporating a few more moves (like the brutal knee to the temple to Orton) and after beating everyone he has now, he doesn’t need to get over any more, he’s a credible main-eventer through and through. There was a feeling someone was going to interfere, but it was mighty shock when it was Edge! As I said earlier though, I hope this is a feud signifier and not a heel-turn signifier. I was pulling for Sheamus. The last thing I though I wanted to see was a Cena-Orton/Cena-Batista repeat, but knowing that Batista’s career may be coming to an end, i’m happy with the fact that his last match will be a main event. Him and Cena have done good work recently too, so it should be pretty good.

One last point i’d like to make about the show regards the guest hosts. This was the best RAW in a long time (a compliment to this episode, not a criticism of others) and it was one without a guest host. Though the show’s success was down to the wrestling, I think it raises a case for ending the concept. As i’ve previously said, i’m broadly approving of the concept, but I think it will naturally run it’s course, and I think that time may be sooner than I thought.

From the supplemental draft, the best moves went to Smackdown. Chavo Guerrero (especially with Vickie there) might start getting the ring-time a Guerrero deserves. I think Cody Rhodes going there is a good move too. He could have got lost on RAW without Legacy, but on Smackdown, he should be able to show off his talents. Most of all though, i’m most excited about MVP to Smackdown. He’s skirted along the fringes of the RAW main event, not quite able to penetrate. I think he really deserves a main-event run, and hopefully one is coming his way on Smackdown! Smackdown’s main event really is wide open, with lots of opportunity for young talents.


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