The End of Survivor Series, For Now At Least

The logo for the first ever Survivor Series in 1987

This has come as a shock to me. It must have been announced when I was trying to avoid the IWC. This is obviously massive news. As one of the ‘big four,’ Survivor Series has been one of the most cherished PPV’s. I’ll quickly share one of my favourite Survivor Series memories. One of the most emotional moments in wrestling history for me was when Big Show won the WWF Championship at Survivor Series 1999 after his father had (kayfabe) died. His father had in-fact died a few years earlier, but the emotion he showed was palpably genuine. It was, of course, the same PPV in which Stever Austin was ran over, beginning the intense feud with Rikishi.

The survivor series matches are also dear to the fan’s hearts. Hopefully they will remain a part of whatever PPV will replace it.

Saying this, I was personally left more flat by the PPV. I think after 23 years it may have gotten a bit stale. And though it is surprising, perhaps now was a good time to put it on hold. I’d also like to think it may come back some day,when it could be fresher. I’m sure there has been a lot of indignation about this move, but really, I think it was definately the weakest of the ‘big four’ (or should I say ‘big three’) and the only ones that should never be changed are the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania. Summerslam will probably be never scrapped either with it only growing (cities have started bidding for it like they do for Wrestlemania).

So, while it’s certainly an end of an era, and full of great memories, I think it’s right to put it on the back-burner for now. I hope that it’s replaced with a deserving concept. I like the new themed PPVs as long as they are broad (Bragging Rights, Breaking Point etc), rather than the ones based around specific matches (Hell in a Cell). Luckily, I think WWE have realised this.

There are rumours that WWE want to replace it with a War Games style PPV, which would be very welcome, as it’s already established.


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