Smack of the Week: Big Things Poppin’

Smackdown may be the right place for MVP to realise his potential

If anything, this week’s Smackdown was an odd episode, and the reason is that a number of wrestlers drafted to RAW were still on it.

The matches were fine, for instance, Jericho and Kofi put on a good match, as you would expect; but it lacked – as did all of the matches with newly drafted-to-RAW superstars – a sense of chemistry and atmosphere. It was the same for Cody Rhodes-John Morrison. I like Cody Rhodes, but was it simply down to poor performances? Well, this is rare from me,but i’m going to criticise the booking, and for this reason: who cares what happens between two superstars who wont meet again in the forseeable future? So what if Kofi beats Jericho or Cody beats Morrison? It means nothing. Not even at the very beginning of a feud is there violence so devoid of meaning, because usually when a feud is starting, there is some kind of action that breeds interest, here, that wasn’t the case. They put on good wrestling matches for sure, but they couldn’t create the hot atmosphere and interest of a good storyline.

On a quick note, I know Cody started using that new music at Wrestlemania, and perhaps I didn’t notice because it was Wrestlemania, but i’m not a fan. It sounds like a newcomer/jobber song and he’s above that, as i’m sure (and hope!) we’ll be shown by his future on Smackdown. It was also good to see Chavo get some (!) air-time. Let’s hope it’s more than lip-service.

Now, one recent RAW-convert whose final moments were worthwhile were Edge’s. Seeing him and Christian together is instantly gold, and I think it must be a certainty that they’ll meet again in the ring sometime. A very quick heel-face-heel turn then, and this has been a little controversial, but ut was justified more on Friday, i.e. by suggesting that his whole face persona was taken up to gain much needed support from the fans. Indeed, could he even have been considered a face? Quite a nice twist.

Throughout the show we had Jack Swagger’s ‘Did You Know …’ segments, which got great heat from the crown. Every time he appears, he looks more and more the champion. I don’t know if I want to see him repeat the segment. It’s pretty annoying, but then again, I suppose that’s the idea.

While Edge solidified his heel-(re)turn, Big Show solidified his face turn in the most simple of ways: knocking out heels. It’s good to see him get a main event call, he’s a deserving superstar. I don’t know how the match will turn out. I have a feeling this will be a one-match thing with Swagger retaining. Unfortunately, I think it makes the outcome a little predictable. I can’t see Swagger delivering the gutwrench powerbomb on Show, and with Over the Limit apparantly being a time-limit themed PPV, I can see Swagger retaining by simply eluding defeat in a typically dislikable way, to fight another day against someone like Christian.

Drew got to further intensify his feud with Matt Hardy with another shocking attack to the head. If this match doesn’t make Over the Limit, it’ll be ridiculous! Plus, though I like the intensity of the feud, it perhaps needs some new element to progress it further.

The matches that worked tonight were those that involved superstars coming from RAW to face superstars who weren’t leaving Smackdown, the highlight being MVP getting involved withe the S.E.S. This should be a great feud (if indeed, they pursue it) because both he and Punk are great on the mic as well as in ring. No one got the crowd going like MVP, and his being put in with one of the show’s hottest stars is a good sign for his future, and about time too.

So, Big things poppin’, but little things not stoppin’ so easily. I expect a lot from the newly landscaped Smackdown though.


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