RAW Recall: A Pretty Lacklustre Affair, But the Prospect of JeriMiz Excites

Jericho and Miz looked to have formed an alliance of sorts this week

As the title says, I came away from this week’s RAW without the real excitement that I do let’s say nine out of ten times that I watch RAW. The show was by no means devoid of interest or quality, but there just seemed to be much less progression this week. Cena didn’t even tell us his Over the Limit stipulation!

One thing I did like was the involvement of two of the best NXT guys with some top dogs, i.e. Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett. Both gave a very good accounting of themself, especially Bryan, who is a real unique entity in the WWE in terms of both style and character. In some ways, it would have been nice for Bryan to beat Batista. I don’t think it would spoil is perfect losing record on NXT, while making him look really good and showing his credibility to certain non-believers. Nonetheless, he was made to look good, so that’s all that matters, as with Barrett.

I suppose it was good to see Zack Ryder get on TV (not necessarily because I like him, but because some change is always good). He actually gave a decent accounting of himself in this match, but it still came across as a waste of time. I doubt we’re going to see a Ryder-Henry feud (although I would certainly be intrigued to see it). Instead though, we may have seen the return of ‘Sexual Chocolate’ Mark Henry. That would be great! It was only hinted though. It may just have been one of those things.

I had a major problem with ‘The Cutting Edge’ closing out the show. I think talk segments serve a purpose for sure, but that purpose is never the main event. While I was certainly interested in the Rated RKO dynamic following last week, I would have preferred to have seen either a match, or the Cutting Edge lower on the card. On it’s own it was a good segment. Edge was great on the mic (certainly better that he was as a face) and Orton also brought his usual brand of high intensity. This could be a real great feud, but without the finality of a ring bell, RAW going off the air seemed to miss something. I’ll just add that Wayne Brady took a pretty good RKO (and was indeed, a pretty good guest host, enthusiastic, funny, not too involved).

To the main highlight of the show, for me anyway. Miz has always reminded me of a young Y2J, and I think for that reason, I have never pictured them together. I guess I thought they would be too similar. But the chemistry of these two charismatic superstars promised the potential of a great pairing, both wrestling and on the mic. Imagine the promos! Plus, with them both being on NXT, there is potential to exploit that while adding an extra unique layer to the concept. Jericho is my favourite wrestler and Miz is probably in my top 5, so you’ll understand that i’m pretty excited. I’d also like them to explore the pairing of Regal and Kozlov further. Obviously the stable of ECW will mean they have chemistry, and if they were put together we might be going some way to rebuilding the tag-team division! The Hart Dynasty looked strong. Don’y count on them loosing the belts (or indeed, many matches) in the near future!

Obviously this hasn’t been a very long entry. This just goes to reiterate the importance of storyline in wrestling, or at least of revelation. We’re none-the-wiser about Over the Limit! Pretty careless seeing the extra difficulty in selling new PPV concepts. There was little revelation this week, which weakened which turned what could have been a very good episode into more of an unsatisfying affair. The content deserved better, but unfortunately, it just didn’t come across.


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