Smack of the Week: Title Vacated in Packed Show!

McIntyre had held the championship for around five months

Right from the start, this week’s Smackdown was a monumental episode. Though Drew’s reasoning for having such disdain for Matt perhaps hasn’t been suitably explained yet, what can’t be denied is that this feud is one of the most raw and physical for a long time. While I was stunned (in a good way) by the title being stripped, I would have liked to have seen Drew get in one more defense, just to add to his credibility, and make his losing it, even bigger of a deal. There are a few possibilities here. I don’t think Drew will be missing any shows (the malevolent higher-ups will surely undo the firing), but whether or not he’ll be reinstated is doubtful. Given that the tournament took place, I think he’s dropped it properly for now. I think the feud with Matt will continue until past over the limit, and then, having dropped the title, McIntyre will be a part of the Fatal-Four Way PPV in the main event. That’s what i’d like to see anyway.

I liked the idea of the tournament for the Intercontinental title (they’re always good!), but I wish the field would have been bigger. A four-man tornament is a bit of an anti-climax, so it would have been nice to have seen a tournament starting with the quarter finals (Shad, Chavo, Masters and JTG being added (with Shad and then JTG costing each other their matches as part of their feud)), and having it’s final at Over the Limit. The IC title really hasn’t been defended enough recently! I’d like to say that both semi-final matches were very good indeed and though it would have been nice to see a Ziggler-Rhodes final, i’m not too upset that it isn’t as the Kofi-Christian final has potential to be a great match.

The only real disappointment was the divas match, and unfortunately, this was specifically down to Tiffany. Funnily enough, when she re-started on Smackdown, I thought she was pretty solid in the ring, but she seemed a bit stiff this week. Kelly Kelly, however, was a bit of a pleasant surprise, putting on a pretty good show when she was in the ring. As for the story, let’s hope it’s going somewhere.

More props to MVP this week. He must have got the biggest pop of the night! Every week, I see fewer and fewer reasons for this guy not to be at the main event. Him and Gallows put on a pretty good match, which was followed by a bit of a drudgerous promo between CM Punk and Rey Myseterio. No problems with the mic skill per sé, but the announcement of the Over the Limit match was a little hard to follow: Hair vs Pledge match at OTL, no, Hair vs Pledge match TONIGHT, no, hair shaved AND a pledge by Mysterio tonight, no, Hair vs Pledge at OTL, yes … yes, that’s what’s hapenning.

The main event was pretty good. Nice to see Kane in the main event too. The match was enjoyable, and Big Show’s music hitting a little while in and him coming to commentary was a nice touch. It’s early days in the feud, but i’m not sure how much I like it, so I don’t have too much to say about it. It’s certainly building well, especially seen as it’s an out-of-nowhere feud. It was pretty intense, and Swagger’s going through the announce table looked like a pretty brutal bump. It was good to see Show with the belt. I’d like to see him have it again sometime, but not at Over the Limit. I think Swagger needs some good defenses under his belt.


3 thoughts on “Smack of the Week: Title Vacated in Packed Show!

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