RAW & NXT Double Feature!

Monday Night RAW (10/05/10)

WWE NXT (11/05/10)

 I called last week’s RAW a prett lacklustre affair, mainly because the matches lost any significance because they didn’t help lead in to Over the Limit; this wasn’t the case this week, but I must say the matches themselves were a bit of a disappointment. People say that the wrestling on RAW isn’t as high in quality, but this usually isn’t the case, you’re guaranteed at least half a card of decent to great matches. On Monday, the main event was decent, but nothing else, and nothing else was higher in quality. Even Jericho didn’t look particularly good, though this was partly down to match-length. The worst example was the Miz-Tyson Kidd match. There two are top future stars and they were given a match that lasted one minute at most! There wasn’t any need for it, it progressed nothing, it didn’t help characterise one of them, it was a shame. If they’d have had a more normal length of match, no doubt it would have been good, but they didn’t get that opportunity.

None of this is to say that I disliked the show. It was nonethless entertaining (as you come to expect from RAW), and as I say, progressed to the PPV much better than last week. Speaking of which, is this a gimmick PPV? I read (admittedly on wikipedia) that it was a PPV of time-limited matches, yet there has been no mention of the PPV’s character on air as far as i’m aware. I’m no Vinnie O’ Mac, but surely that aint good for business!

I’m sure many held their breath for the end of the guest host concept when that disctinctive scream “Excuse Me” was heard Monday night, me included I must say. I’ve always been quite ambivalent about Vickie Guerrero. Ypu can’t deny she’s the best valet style heel today by a long shot, as can be seen in tremendous heat she always gets. But for me, her annoyingness makes me want to turn the channel more than anything! I know that’s the desired effect in a way. It does seem i’m in a minority. It remains up in the air whether she’ll be back on a permanent basis, which could have guest host ramifications.

Moving on to NXT. I don’t think there’s much else to say but ‘What?’ While I predicted Sheffield, there is no way anyone could predict more than one ekimination, and no way, further, anyone would expect Daniel Bryan to be gone. No doubt he’ll still be making the main roster, but nonetheless it seems strange to remove him, when he’s one of the biggest draws to the show. I wonder if his little ‘socialism’ stunt with the programmes wasn’t planned … Now that Bryan and Tarver have gone, my reasoning for watching NXT has been halved. While Barrett and Otunga are still draws, it’s a shame to lose those two, especially when far inferior talents such as Slater and Gabriel remain! Hopefully this isn’t the end of it all …

Also, I wonder how the show’s format will work when there are less and less wrestlers on the roster. Surely the booking will get more repetative as the numbers reduce? Perhaps they’ll bring in more ‘pro’s’ in, we’ll have to see.

On a side note, apologies that this post was so late. I’ve had exams and they’ve delayed my watching (and therefore critiquing)


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