A Few Notes

I’ve just realised that NXT will be eliminating rookies on a weekly basis from now on, so I thought i’d update my personal rankings, now that Bryan, Tarver and Sheffield are out of the competition.

1) David Otunga
2) Wade Barrett
3) Darren Young
4) Heath Slater
5) Justin Gabriel

Obviously, i’d like to see Gabriel go, but I predict that Darren Young will probably go (and perhaps eventually join the S.E.S.)

Another thing I wanted to mention was the ‘winning’ of Chelsea at TNA Sacrifice. I’ll admit that I haven’t been drawn to TNA for a long time, and haven’t seen Sacrifice, but I still feel the concept can be criticised.

Recently, we saw the Knockout Lockbox challenge, which horrifically ended with not one but two ‘Knockouts’ doing a strip-tease. Now TNA has a concept in which a woman who has been ‘bought’ is the ‘won.’ The criticism of this is obvious, so I wont go that much in to it. But the way the women are treated as commodities in TNA currently is not only regrettable given the collapse of a once relatively respected division, but the overy misogyny that the industry should have moved past.


2 thoughts on “A Few Notes

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