Over the Limit Predictions, 2010

New PPV, Over the Limit comes to you tonight from Detroit, Michigan

WWE Over the Limit comes to you tonight from Detroit, and it’s a pretty packed card with five championships on the line!

Unified Tag Team Championship Match: The Hart Dynastry vs Chris Jericho and The Miz:
I think we’ll start out with the tag title match, partly because of the result i’m predicting, and partly because the talent on offer will start the PPV on a high-point. While potent combination of JeriMiz is almost enough for me to predict them winning, I think the Hart Dynasty’s reign will be a relatively long one. JeriMiz losing doesn’t even necessarily mean they’ll have to split up either. We could easily see them coming out in the aftermath of a loss ranting about ‘the company being against them’ because people are ‘jealous’ of their talents, or something along those lines. Natayla and possibly Bret will be at ringside, and I think JeriMiz will (almost certainly) try and cheat, and one of the Hart’s will stop them, setting up the end of the match.
Winners: The Hart Dynasty
R-Truth vs Ted DiBiase:
I’ve quite liked the build up to this match from DiBiase’s end. Seeing the Million Dollar Championship and Virgil back on the scene has been great (though it’s hardly ‘fresh’ and could start to hurt DiBiase as a character, too associated with his dad). However, this is the match i’m least looking forward to. Perhaps it’s just a personal thing, but it holds very little interest for me. I’d be very surprised if, giving the way they’ve been building Ted up (getting everything he wants), he doesn’t win. I imagine we’ll see either some paid-off heels (though obviously not Carlito this time) or perhaps some more permanent associates come to DiBiase’s aid for this one. Virgil will probably be there, but I can’t see him getting involved himself.
Winner: Ted DiBiase
Intercontinental Championship Match: Drew McIntyre vs Kofi Kingston:
This has the potential to be a very good feud that will really start tonight. Though the two styles are quite different, I think they could compliment each other well. More importantly, they have an interesting point of tension between them following Kofi’s near-victory of the IC title, only for it to be given back to Drew. I’m also glad this match makes it because Drew really needed another title defence to keep building credibility. Partly for that reason, I see Drew retaining for now. I imagine that Kofi will be on his way to the victory, and just as he’s about to hit Trouble in Paradise, Teddy Long/Vickie Guerrero comes out and informs him that the match has been changed to a no-disqualification match, therefore getting over further Drew’s position in the company. Kofi will turn back to Drew to receive either a thumb to the eye or a chair shot, before he hits his Future Shock DDT for the win.
Winner: Drew McIntyre
Divas Championship Match: Eve Torres vs Maryse:
This match has had a good build-up, especially on RAW this week with a quite brutal attack from Eve, though the later rumbles in the ring went on for a bit too long probably. I see Eve retaining here. She’s well liked as champion and there really would be no value in having Maryse regain the title again.
Winner: Eve
Randy Orton vs Edge:
This one is difficult to call, especially when only ‘pride’ is on the line. Randy Orton’s really been getting over as almost unstoppable recently, while Edge also sometimes seemed one step ahead of his former tag team partner. This feud is still in it’s infancy though, and I think an Orton win would kinda kill it off, so i’m predicting an Edge victory, but it could go either way.
Winner: Edge
World Heavyweight Championship Match: Jack Swagger vs The Big Show:
I’ve enjoyed the back and forth in this feud, with Swagger getting over as a pedigree champion, and Big Show undermining it with his size and power. I do, however, think it will only be a mini-feud, and I think Swagger has at least another defence in him. They’ve been going to great efforts to get him over as champion, so I think he’ll keep the title at least until Fatal Four Way, where a loss would be more acceptable. I also think this will be a (relatively) clean victory, making way, hopefully, for Christian and/or MVP to get in the title match next month!
Winner: Jack Swagger
Pledge vs Hair Match: Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk:
We’ve had a pledge match, a hair match, and now we have a pledge vs hair match, and, one way or another, this will end or importantly alter this long-running feud. For ages, I could only see Rey winning this match, and definitively ending the feud, however, recently, the idea of Mysterio being in the S.E.S. seems more credible to me. Perhaps this is wishful thinking, but I would love to see a Mysterio heel-turn, and this could happen by him joining the S.E.S. I also think that, with the sheer (apparant) volume of S.E.S. members, willing to come to Punk’s aid, that interference from the masked man (or even several people) will help Punk take it. We might also have the regular masked man revealed …
Winner: CM Punk
WWE Championship Match: John Cena vs Batista:
I don’t have too much to say about this. Usually, John Cena’s sheer passion at least gets over in part, but recently, he’s been absolutely devoid of interest. We all know a face Cena (at least with his current gimmick) will never quit, and so this is probably the most predictable match on the card. I usually like ‘I Quit’ matches, but I don’t like them to end in normal submission, like this one almost certainly will! I prefer it when, like in the Ric Flair-Mick Foley I Quit match at Summerslam a few years back, someone wins by threatening his opponent not with violence, but with some sort of unbearable emotional consequence. While I like Cena’s passion and as a guy, this isn’t the sort of thing he can get over that successfully. Given that this will quite possibly be Batista’s last match, i’d just like to say that before he turned heel this last time, I, like so many others, thought very little of him. But this heel run he’s had has been his best run yet. He’s played the better part in building this match up, even coming up with a new submission move which looks distinctive and painful (rather than just sticking in an armbar or something like that, which is the sort of thing i’ve seen others do in his situation). He’s been a great and distinctive heel, and he deserves plaudits for that. Also, I don’t know in what capacity, but expect to see Sheamus turn up at some stage.
Winner: John Cena

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