Over the Limit Review, 2010

On a Night rumoured to be Batista's last, he bowed out in spectacular fashion

For the first time in quite a while, WWE put out a ungimicked PPV last night with Over the Limit. I hope that, rather than a simple re-branding, it was an experiment in whether people wanted to see an ungimmicked PPV.

Firstly, I should say that the majority of the matches were of a very high quality, but that there were some moments that were quite strange.

Drew and Kofi had a decent enough match, and I think they will work well together in the future. I found it a shame that Drew dropped the belt. I think he could have done with defending the belt one more time for credibility, and in the aftermath of Kofi winning it and being stripped of it, him winning it again within a few days seemed a bit over the top in terms of booking.

The strongest section of the card were the 3rd and 4th matches. Punk vs Mysterio was one that obviously had potential, but could have gotten bogged down in being repetative. Luckily this was not the case. I’d say this was the highlight of the night, in terms of both in-ring show and storyline consequences. The match was great, with the barber-chair spot and Punk’s rage-fuelled attack after being busted open being particular highlights. I’m usually a proponant of PG, but one area where I wish they’d change on is the covering up of blood. Not only does it interrupt the match, but it gives out a bad message to the kids who do watch and don’t see the consequences of such violence. If they don’t want to blade anymore, they should at least let it go when the guys are busted open naturally.

The Tag Team match followed, and was the other strongest match of the night. If nothing else, it was just a really well worked match and ending. All four athletes are obviously strong in the ring and can be trusted to put on a good match. It would have been easy to put the titles on JeriMiz, but thankfully, they made the right decision and kept it on the Harts. Hopefully, Jericho and Miz will have reason to stay as a unit from now on though.

Following the strongest segment came probably the weakest segment, in matches 5 and 6. The actual match between Edge and Randy Orton was good, as you would expect, but the finish was decidedly strange. PPV’s are not the places for double countouts, except for in the very rare occasions when a storyline warrants it. This was not the case in this match. I inderstand, however, that Orton was legitimately injured, so it’s difficult to criticise the ending. Given Orton’s state, it’s a shame that Edge couldn’t go over. I don’t see why an Edge victory would have hurt anything, and it would have been a lot less dissatisfying. This is with the major caveat, however, that it’s difficult to come up with a pinning finish that didn’t endanger Orton any further.

Then followed the Swagger-Show match. In this case, the finish was less incomprehensible, but the whole package wasn’t as strong. It made sense that Swagger, being unable to beat or even really damage Show would resort to getting himself disqualified, but it was just a bit disappointing, and could have done with some more time in which Swagger got some offence in, to help Swagger not look weak.

I was very impressed by the divas match. Both did a good, solid job in-ring and it did the right job of having Eve retain. One of the better divas matches in the last few months, and probably the best at PPV.

As for the main event, it’s not WWE’s fault, but for those who have heard about Batista’s seemingly innevitable departure from the industry, it was a little predictable. It’s a shame Cena has been so hard to support recently, because their three PPV matches together have been of good quality, each of them being pretty brutal. I must say, I enjoyed the brutality of the end, with the attempted running over of Cena, the being thrown in to the set, and the Attitude Adjustment through the stage especially, which sells Batista’s absence quite well. Luckily the next PPV is Fatal Four Way, because I couldn’t be bothered with another Cena-Sheamus match!

For what it’s worth, i’d give this PPV about 6/6.5 out of 10. If the endings/content of the World Championship and Edge-Orton matches had have been a little less confusing, it could have been really sucessful.


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