RAW Recall: The Night After OTL

Many loose ends were tied up last night getting ready for Fatal Four Way

It was confirmed in the opening segment of last night’s RAW that, indeed, Batista, has left WWE, for now at least. In case it is for good, i’m going to take some time here to thank him. Until recently (with his heel-turn), I couldn’t stand Batista, but i’ve really enjoyed his heel persona, and even if I hadn’t, ANY wrestler who has put their body on the line for us, deserves our thanks, even if we don’t like their style or character. 

It was also revealed that Bret Hart will be the new RAW GM. This was probably the right decision given that it was difficult to think of anyone else who would make an impact in that position, and especially given the rumours that Abraham Washington was very close to getting the position! Thankfully, they didn’t come to fruition. It also allowed him a highly dignified way with which to drop the US title. It’ll be interesting to see what this means for the guest host concept. It seemed to sideline the guest host to a large degree last night, and in the future might make the concept less and less relevant to the show.

Speaking of which, we later saw R-Truth win his first major championship, taking the baton from ‘The Hitman.’ He and The Miz had a good match which had the required championship drama with lots of near-falls. This was required to help Miz remain looking strong while losing, but I think they may even have overdone the amount of  near-falls to the point where the last ones seemed a little in-credible. This is a minor niggle perhaps, but removing a couple of near-falls would have made it a very good match. R-Truth winning is a very good thing too. Though i’m not a big fan, he’s certainly over with the fans, and will freshen up the division. Any of Ezekiel Jackson, Zack Ryder or Evan Bourne would be good candidates for challengers. Perhaps all three if it gets a Fatal Four Way match-up.

There was one bad segment on the show, the Jon Lovitz talent contest. Not only was it completely irrelevent and almost exactly the same segment that happened when the Osbournes were guest hosts, but it was incredibly drawn out and senseless. By the time we had a guy from the audience pulling out his eye, I was completely sick of the dire segment!

There was an interesting development after the Hart Dynasty’s match with Regal and Kozlov when three ‘unknowns’ stormed the ring and took out the trio. I understand they are descendents of Rikishi Fatu (the males) and of Jimmy Snuka (the female). Being related, the tag team will no doubt be a cohesive unit and are an exciting addition to the roster, and show that the rebuilding of the tag team division is continuing in earnest. This is also a positive move for Natalya, as having a female equivalent means she’ll no-doubt get more ring time to show off her substantial skills.

The main event was very strong with Edge, Chris Jericho and John Cena fighting to shape the Fatal Four Way main event. With Orton being booked in the match already, the winner was predictable, but that didn’t really take away from the match. There was a lot of good work specific to a triple threat match, most notably, when Jericho put the Walls of Jericho on Cena while he was already holding Edge in the STF. I’ve been very critical of Cena recently, but you can’t doubt the man’s drive, wrestling that match after the draining main event at Over the Limit! Luckily, with Batista gone, Cena might get out of his character mire to a degree. He was no less an important factor in this match that was certainly worthy of a main event.


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