NXT: Another Rookie Bites the Dust

The 'One Man Rock Band' ended his set last night

I didn’t mention it last week because I wasn’t sure if it was a one-off, but it’s nice to see they’ve scrapped the weekly challenges. Though these were enlightening every so often, they were more often an irrelevent distraction from the wrestling. This is another part of the show’s evolution. It just goes to show that it’s a good show but still hasn’t reached it’s full potential. I hope it survives.

Understandably, a major part of last night’s show was the Cole-Bryan confrontation. This is a very intriguing ‘feud,’ but I must say this week didn’t get us very far. It was basically the same segment from last week, though admittedly more explicitly getting across their differences. Hopefully, we’ll soon see Cole living up to a heel character and being more conniving against Bryan.

The matches were ok, but mainly operated to justify Slater being eliminated from the competition, i.e. having him lose and Gabriel win. Gabriel did have a good match with Wade Barrett, probably his best to date, and one that justified his continuation in the competition seen as he managed to show off a little more in-ring ability rather than just his 450 splash.

There’s not much more to say about this episode, so i’ll get down to my updated poll and prediction. The poll is more straight-forward this week, though predicting the winner may be harder:

1) David Otunga
2) Wade Barrett
3) Justin Gabriel

As for the winner, because next week is the season finalé, I would like to see David Otunga win, as you can see from my poll. It will almost certainly be either him or Wade Barrett, and simply because Wade Barrett has been number one for quite some time now, but lost this week, I think David Otunga will win.


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