A Couple of Notes: Tough Enough Revived? and Power 25

I heard recently that Tough Enough may be being revived by WWE, while TNA also want to produce a similar show.

What this suggests to me though, is that NXT has real potential. It’s evolved an awful lot and is now getting numbers similar to ECW used to and continues to evolve and improve. Admittedly, I can’t remember that much what Tough Enough was like. I do however remember that storylines weren’t really on the menu. I’ve really enjoyed NXT, which is an interesting excecise in kayfabe, and hope they back that, rather than plump for Tough Enough, because surely the two are mutually exclusive.

As for a TNA version, my instinct tells me that they should continue to concentrate on iMPACT! I don’t think TNA could put out a similar show of the quality of NXT. If they do try it, though, I obviously wish it all the best!

The other bit of news is just a reminder that Smackdown airs tonight, and therefore, I will be updating the RTV-WOW Power 25.


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