RAW Recall: Ev … Evan Bourne!? It’s Certainly Fresh!

As the commentators said, Evan Bourne was John Cena's Surprising Partner

Right from the word go, this week’s RAW was completely unpredictable. We opened with Edge in mid-beat down on Evan Bourne, which was … well, unexpected. At first, I thought Evan was effectively jobbing to get Edge over as a heel, but as we shall see, this was not the case.

Following that was the surprising pairing of R-Truth against Chris Jericho. This was a pretty good match, and while i’m starting to warm to Truth, I don’t think he’s quite at the stage where he wont be shown up in a programme with Jericho. Instead, i’m pretty sure he will go on to feud with David Otunga. I realise NXT is on probably right now, so I may be proven wrong quite quickly, but my instinct is that Otunga will win and go on to challenge for the US Championship.  That is a feud I would like to see. As for Jericho, he seems to be a bit between feuds right now. Hopefully he’ll get to do something constructive soon (even more so than letting Truth get over on him).

There then came the confusing segment between Santino, Eve, Kozlov, Maryse and Regal. Ostensibly, what happened is simple: Kozlov finally responded to Santino’s calls to join him. However, not only was the manner in which this came to pass confusing and sudden, but it seems there could be more to it. For instance, why did Maryse head up the ramp with Kozlov? If really all it is that Kozlov is teaming up with Santino, then doubtlessly we have some great segments coming up (ala, The Cheese Heads Al Snow and Steve Blackman).

Bret Hart followed, eventually announcing next week’s three-hour viewers choice RAW. This sounds like an intriguing idea, but in the voice of ‘The Hitman,’ it seemed a little less exciting I must say. Then, out of nowhere, came Mr. McMahon! Although i’m not exactly sure why? It seemed like a bit of an isolated promo about a now long-finished feud. We’ll wait to see if it has more current implications, but I had another problem with this. Though it’s great to see such a timeless character, I understood that his tapping out to Bret at Wrestlemania marked the end of the Mr. McMahon character, having seen Bret gain full closure on the Montreal debacle. All I will say for now then is that I sure hope Mr. McMahon doesn’t remain on TV, as an antagonist at least.

Short but very sweet was the match between The Miz and Daniel Bryan. It was a high intense, high octane match that probably deserved more time. I’m glad Miz won, but I really want to see him submit Miz, though I have a feeling we’ll be seeing that at Fatal Four Way. This feud continues to grow and is probably the hottest in the entire industry right now, plus, Bryan absolutely clocking Cole with Miz was brilliant!

The Uso’s introduced themselves formally to the WWE Universe this week too. Now, the immediate thing that must be said is that their promo SUCKED, all apart from the final line about being put on Earth to dominate. Nonetheless, the imminent feud with the Hart Dynasty is pretty exciting. I think the ‘x factor’ here is the legacy of both teams, of styles which differ quite significantly, being pitted against each other. The tussle between them was surprisingly charged for only a second encounter, which was impressive, though the frog splashes from the Uso’s seemed quite sloppy. I am, actually, quite interested by their claim that they aren’t/wont be stereotypical Samoans though. It’ll be interesting to see them (if they do) break away from the quite ingrained heritage of their families, though it must also be noted that The Rock did this to great effect during his in-ring career.

The main event was nothing short of a complete (but pleasant) shock. With Randy Orton being written out of RAW competition until Fatal Four Way to heal his legitimate shoulder injury, John Cena needed a new partner. My initial thought was: it’ll be Triple H, or if not, someone like Mark Henry, but when Evan Bourne came out, I was stunned, eventhough I shouldn’t have been given the show’s opening, but then again, you can’t argue with the pop he got. This seems like a bit of a push for Bourne, as he was made to look equal to top stars Sheamus and Edge throughout, actually scoring the pin himself is the high-octane match. This was a very enjoyable match, and felt like a notable main event, which can only bode well for Bourne, and involved a lot of nice work by all four guys. And though it goes without saying, that shooting star press is a thing of absolute beauty. What is more though is that Evan really showed that he had more than that mat-wise in his locker too. He certainly rose to the occasion. Definately worth a watch. I really like the idea of him just taking his opportunity to make a mark, it’s very much in keeping with the territorial relationship wrestlers have with the ring, and while I’m not sure whether this push will be too sudden and out of the blue, and I don’t know whether it’ll last past Fatal Four Way, but remarkably, I find myself praising Evan’s main event work. Even if it doesn’t last this time, it will be good experience for him at the top for future reference. In the past, I had always rejected out of hand that he could one day be around the main event, but now, I think I do, for the future.


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