Report from FCW Regarding the NXT ‘Invasion’

The invasion angle appears to be permeating all on-screen areas of the WWE

Before I report this, I just want to say that I don’t watch FCW, so as of yet, I haven’t seen this. Nonetheless, it is very interesting:

The main event of this week’s show was booked as Christian & Heath Slater vs The Miz & Daniel Bryan. When it came to main-event time came though, The Miz’s music hit, but he didn’t come out. Instead, Christian came out and called out his former rookie, Heath Slater.

Slater teased the position the NXT outlaws will be taking, saying his problem with Christian is that he wouldn’t give him the answers to victory in the competition. From this, it seems that the NXT rookies’ ‘beef’ will be that they believe the WWE pros have an elitist view about what it takes to be a WWE superstar, and were, further, purposefully attempting to hold them back in order to negate any challenge to the WWE mainstream.

The match went ahead, but with Miz and Christian teaming up as faces against the heel team of Daniel Bryan and Heath Slater. This further extends the new allignments taking place in the WWE roster, with heels turning face to allign against NXT and faces turning heel to allign against WWE.

What I really like about this feud is that this occurence shows how deeply it seems to permeate the company: even to developmental! It’s gutsy because of how all-encompassing and ideological the issue is in terms of the industry, and for that reason it will surely come to be a huge draw. I even want to watch FCW now!

Out of interest, I also heard a report that Vince McMahon was in some sort of legitimate accident, leaving him really banged up with his face cut and bruised. The ‘tsar’ of WWE feeling the brunt of an NXT attack would be a very potent symbol of the central tension of this storyline.


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