A Further Note on Daniel Bryan

Amid the confusion of the Daniel Bryan firing, it now seems more and more likely that Bryan has been released by WWE.

Personally, I am very upset about this. He is a great in-ring performer and personality, and apparantly a great guy to have in the locker room. Not only that, but he was right at the centre of a hot hot storyline that has promised to saturate the industry with intrigue.

I am upset, but it doesn’t appear to be WWE’s ‘fault.’ Apparantly after he spat in Cena’s face and strangled Justin Roberts with his own tie, there were complaints from a WWE outsider that nonetheless has a lot of sway (i’m thinking someone at the USA network?), and left WWE no choice. WWE seemed to have big plans for him and have apparantly made it clear to him that he will be welcomed back at a later date, so i’m pretty sure they wouldn’t fire him unless they had to.

However, many believe he will now head to TNA. This is bad for WWE (and it’s fans), but good for TNA (and it’s fans). While I have a feeling TNA would use him in a much less interesting way, his recruitment would doubtlessly be a huge boost to TNA and it would draw me back to iMPACT! for sure, to give it another chance.


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