Some More Danielson Saturation

I know, I know, I must have posted about four different posts about Daniel Bryan, but just when you think you know whether he has been fired or not, something new happens!

Today, the WWE Universe’s page on facebook posted their latest ‘like/dislike’ question: “WWE should re-sign NXT Season 1 Rookie Daniel Bryan. (Click LIKE to agree, or click COMMENT to tell us why you disagree.”

Unusually, for someone who’s just been fired, WWE are talking about Bryan an awful lot! This suggests that he is still very much in their plans, and again, that this is all a work. No doubt things will change, but a Bryan stay would also make The Miz’s reclaiming of the US Title easier to explain, i.e. so Bryan can come back and feud with Miz for the title.

This is all speculation, but if he has, in fact, been legitimately fired, all this overlap in both reaction and storyline opportunities has been hugely coincidental!


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