Fatal Four Way Predictions, 2010

The cool poster for Fatal Four Way which will take place tonight in New York

When I saw the name ‘Fatal Four Way’ among this year’s crop of new PPV’s, itwas one I was unhappy about. It seemed a little unoriginal, a little dry; but WWE have done a very good job getting over the jeopardy that the champion is in, and i’m willing to give it a chance.  There are only five matches booked this far, so I imagine ther’ll be an ‘inpromptu’ match booked during the show. Either that or we’ll be getting some very long and hopefully equally dramatic main events. With both the NXT invasion and Kane’s investigation, it makes the matches very difficult to predict!

1): United States Championship Match: The Miz vs R-Truth
Despite what I just said, I think this is the most predictable match on tonight’s card. Simply because it would be proposterous and needlessly confusing for R-Truth to re-gain his title, I can only see The Miz retaining. I have a (perhaps hopeful) inkling that they’ll want to keep the title on Miz in the hope that Daniel Bryan will return to challenge for it.

Winner: The Miz

2): Intercontinental Championship Match: Kofi Kingston vs Drew McIntyre
This one is quite difficult to call. Up until recently, I would have backed Kofi in this one because it seemed Drew was feuding specifically with Matt Hardy and perhaps even going on the back-burner, but after this week’s Smackdown, it seems Drew is on another meteoric push. The question is: is this match taking place because they want him to be IC champion, or because they just want to give him PPV time to keep attention on him? My instinct is that it is a bit of both. Regaining the IC title in a way that uses the WWE chairman’s influence would draw a lot more heat than he’s already been getting as an antagonist to WWE favourites, Kofi Kingston and Matt Hardy. No doubt Hardy will be involved somehow, but I nonetheless imagine McIntyre will take the championship, but crucially, in a fashion that is not that of the honourable fighter

Winner: Drew McIntyre

3): World Heavyweight Championship Match: Jack Swagger vs The Big Show vs CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio
As I mentioned before, this is really difficult to call because of Kane’s ominous words about punishing those responsible for his brother’s demise. Whether this means he’ll be interfering in the match or doing something else remains to be seen, but it’s a definite wildcard factor in the match. Overall, I can’t necessarily see why they’d put the championship on any of the challengers, while I could certainly understand extending Swagger’s reign yet further to get him over even more as a strong champion. Kane may well be involved, but I can’t see Swagger being the attacker and so I can see him capitalising on any involvement from Kane.

Winner: Jack Swagger

4): Divas Championship Match: Eve Torres vs Maryse vs Gail Kim vs Alicia Fox
I think this match will be placed between the two main events as a bit of light relief. Saying that, especially with Gail Kim in this match, i’m hoping for a high quality divas match. It’s difficult to call in some ways, and if it was up to me, the title would soon be on Gail Kim, but I think, for similar reasons to Swagger, Eve will retain the title here in order to cement herself as one of RAW’s top divas.

Winner: Eve Torres

5): WWE Chamionship Match: John Cena vs Sheamus vs Randy Orton vs Edge 
I find it very difficult to believe that the NXT rebels will not make some sort of appearance during this match, and pressumably that would be a bad thing for defending champion John Cena. However, there is no necessary need to put the title on any of the contenders, and if anyone would overcome an attack from seven hostile outsiders and go on to win a PPV main event, it would be The Champ. I also feel that losing the WWE Championship could weaken his position of leader of the WWE locker-room if he were to lose the title. This whole storyline has been near impossible to predict though (making this a bit of a thankless task), so I wouldn’t put too much weight on any of the assumptions i’ve made thus far. A title change would certainly add even more heat to this storyline, so eventhough it’s just guesswork, I can see the PPV going off the aior with a new champion and the NXT guys looking back at the ring. If that is the case, then who else but ‘the ultimate opportunist’ to take advantage.

Winner: Edge


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