NXT (13/07/2010): The Nexus Comes Home

Despite saying they weren't there for trouble, the Nexus took every pro and rookie apart

While it is still the most fascinating story in wrestling currently, there’s no doubt that the Nexus attacks are in need of something of a shift or progression to maintain interest in them. The mere prescence of the group no doubt casts an uncertain and tense shadow over whatever show they appear on, as was seen on NXT. Their being on NXT is especially pleasing seen as I have always been keen for their invasion to be WWE-wide.

The first match they saw was Mark Henry & Lucky Cannon against The Miz & Alex Riley. The match was ok, but was more about Miz and Henry, which was a bit of a shame seen as the priority should be to push the talent of the ‘rookies,’ though I suppose it would have been equally displeasing to simply ignore what had happened between the two the night before. Lucky Cannon continues to be utterly bland to me, while Alex Riley has a good in-ring presence, and not that Henry’s strength is surprising, but his lifting Riley over the ropes for the World’s Strongest Slam was a nice end.

We then saw the debut of the Percy Watson ‘Showtime’ talk-show segment. When he was introduced at the start of the season, Percy came across as very charismatic. This has come to be difficult for him to maintain since then, and during his talk show, he looked as if he was about to wet himself he was so excited. That didn’t make for good mic work. He’s certainly affable, but he’s not charismatic, and he was shown up by the much more comfortable guest, MVP.

Then something which seemed hugely exciting happened. Watson gave his mentor the old ‘Sorry man, but I gotta make an impact’ talk, as the season 2 rookies approached the ring. This, coinciding with the attendance of the Nexus, was massively exciting: were they going to replicate their season 1 predecessors? or much better, were they going to join forces with the season 1 graduates to double the size of Nexus? In the end, it wasn’t very clear. Nexus inserted themselves in to the situation independently to create a 20-man battle royal, with the commentary suggesting the season 2 rookies were simply testing the pros. There was certainly no loyalty either between the season 1 rookies and the season 2 rookies, or between the season 2 rookies themselves once the match got underway. This isn’t to say this outcome is impossible. It would be an obvious but brilliant progression (especially with the new monicker ‘you’re either Nexus, or against us’). In the mean time though, it was apparantly just another chance to show the Nexus as a very tight-knit and inpenetrable unit with a mission against WWE management, the details of which they are not yet willing to release, while decimating everything and one in their path.

What is clear now, and even more so given the actions of The Miz and Cody Rhodes, is the message about the importance of putting petty differences aside to work together to eradicate a much bigger and broader threat to the industry they live for while other selfish heels (usually the younger ones) initially fail to see this, the journey being thet they have to eventually learn it for the good of the industry we all love.

With all this in mind, I reiterate that at Money in the Bank, we need some sort of progression, the most likely being either a leader (Chris Jericho?) emerging for Nexus agaisnt the WWE, or some defections of younger stars, a person or people that hasn’t got much on now and need a push or tweek: I would even suggest, controversially, The Hart Dynasty. After their match at MITB, they join up with Nexus, saying something like they’ve been overlooked recently, despite being tag champions and despite their heritage (which would make their defection all the more interesting) – well now they want to shed all that and become one with the Nexus. Just a thought, but something like that needs to happen.


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