Money in the Bank 2010 Predictions

Money in the Bank, July 18th, Sprint Center, Kansas City

When this PPV was first announced, I wasn’t happy that Wrestlemania’s gimmick match was being made in to it’s own PPV. I am know quite excited about the idea though, as a mid-year replenishment of the exciting concept. I still think, perhaps, that they should only have one, and at the Summer’s marquee PPV Summerslam, but nonetheless, the match provides a lot of potential for excitement. Anyway, on to the predictions:

Smackdown Money in the Bank Match: Big Show vs Matt Hardy vs Christian vs Kofi Kingston vs Cody Rhodes vs Kane vs Drew McIntyre vs Dolph Ziggler
I think the first match will be Smackdown’s Money in the Bank Match. There are two reasons for this. One, because I think they’ll want to introduce the concept early on, and two, because I think the Smackdown briefcase will be cashed in THAT NIGHT! As usual, about half the field are possible winners, and the other half is there for spots, variety and to make up the numbers. The possible winners are Drew McIntyre, Kofi Kingston, Cody Rhodes, Christian, and perhaps, Dolph Ziggler. While Big Show, Kane and Matt Hardy are all respected guys, I can’t see any of them taking it, especially Kane, who is embroiled in his own major storyline. In fact, I can see him abandoning the match to pursue Undertaker’s attacker. Of my four/five contenders, I think the absolute favourite is Drew McIntyre. He has been pushed hard with his ‘feud’ with Teddy Long and drawn a lot of heat. Having dropped the Intercontinental title, he is ready to head to the main event level, and the World Heavyweight Championship.

Winner: Drew McIntyre. P.S. The winner of this match, I believe, will cash in that night against Rey Mysterio before the World title match, beat him and go on to face Swagger.

Divas Championship Match: Alicia Fox (c) vs Eve Torres
This is probably the most needless match on the card, as Eve has already had her rematch, eventhough it’s good to see two divas matches on the card. Saying that, both, while not being veterans in the ring, are young and improving quickly. If it’s given time, this could be a good match, and I actually believe this will be given more time than the Women’s Championship match. The result though, is pretty easy to predict I believe. With Alicia having only just recently won the title but thriving with it, i’d be very surprised if she doesn’t win.

Winner: Alicia Fox

Unified Tag Team Championship Match: The Hart Dynasty (c) vs The Usos
While the previous match is in my view the most needless, and while I have tonnes of respect for the Harts, this match holds the least interest for me. This feud has become repetative with few new ideas being forthcoming. The Uso still seem pretty green, and it seems management are trying to strengthen the prestige of the titles by having the Harts hold them for a long time, so with that in mind, I think the reign will continue.

Winners: The Hart Dynasty

RAW Money in the Bank Match: Randy Orton vs John Morrison vs Mark Henry vs Evan Bourne vs Ted DiBiase vs Chris Jericho vs Edge vs The Miz
Given that this PPV is centred around the Money in the Bank gimmick, I realise I may be mistaken in predicting that they’ll have both have occured just after half way through the PPV. The only people I am really ruling out of this match as winners are John Morrison and Mark Henry. The others are all very credible winners, either because they are already main-eventers, or because they are being pushed to that position. My prediction is based on a belief that Nexus will be involved somehow in the decision. Eventhough it may be too obvious to actually be true (i.e. it’s a red herring), I have a feeling the man they’ll back is Wade Barrett’s former mentor, Chris Jericho. The Nexus storyline needs a twist, and installing an established WWE guy as leader could be it.

Winner: Chris Jericho

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Rey Mysterio (c) (or new champion) vs Jack Swagger
As I said earlier on, I believe the winner of the Smackdown MITB match will cash in on Rey Mysterio. Whatever happens though, I can’t see Swagger regaining the title a month after losing it. Perhaps Kane, having not gotten an acceptable alibi from Swagger, may interfere and either render him unable to compete, or simply attack him during the match. If Rey makes the match, then I think he’ll retain. However, the way they’ve been hammering home the injury to his ankle, I think he can’t legitimately win the match, and he’s being set up to be cashed in on in a way that doesn’t make him look weak.

Winner: Rey Mysterio (or whoever takes on Swagger)

Women’s Championship Match: Layla (c) vs Kelly Kelly
Splitting the two world title matches will be the match for the women’s championship. While I wouldn’t put it past WWE to put Kelly over, I am sure she wont be winning this time. Layla only won the championship recently, and seems to be thriving. I really hope Kelly Kelly is just a stop-gap challenger which will make the very talented Layla seem a strong champion.

Winner: Layla

WWE Championship Match: Sheamus (c) vs John Cena
This one’s tough to call, not least because Nexus are such an unpredictable group. Given that Sheamus only won his title at the last PPV though, I am plumping for him to go over. I also think it’ll be a clean victory, as it seems Sheamus is undergoing some sort of face-turn, so i’m sure he’ll put out a good showing. I have some ideas about what may happen, but there really is no way of knowing. All i’ll say here is that I think Sheamus will remain champion, one way or another. Saying that, i’d love Nexus to interfere for Cena and start a HUGE heel-turn!

Winner: Sheamus


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