iMPACT (22/07/2010): More of a Love-fest Than an Invasion

Tommy Dreamer as a WWE 'company man'

I’m going to struggle to write a level-headed review of this week’s iMPACT! after what I saw. Most of the matches i’m not even interested in talking about: average, emotionless on the whole, even one of the matches I was most looking forward to: Angle vs Hernandez. Speaking of which, the whole story behind that is stupid. It’s nice that Angle will have to fight his way back to the top, but especially ith his career supposedly on the line, it’s clear he’ll win every time, burying talent as he goes along.

There was one good match on the card, the second out of the best of five matches for the tag-team championships. It wasn’t as long, or quite as good as last week’s ladder match, but nonetheless, it was another example of brilliant wrestling and chemistry, tag team or otherwise. Chris Sabin stands out for particular praise, hitting a few unique and huge spots that really added to the spectacle, my favourite being his run up the ramp for A MASSIVE baseball slide. Kudos to them, without that match, my two hours would have been completely wasted.

The main thing I want to talk about is this whole ECW angle. It was apparant last week, when Dixie said she invited them, that it wasn’t an invasion really, and this week’s love-fest just confirmed that. So why all the fighting last week? Nonsense. The whole sentiment was utter bullshit, throughout the entire segment. Dixie sucking up to the ECW guys, the ECW guys sucking up to Dixie, as if Dixie had a clue about ECW in the 90’s! When Dreamer left the WWE, I had a tonne of respect for him as the heart and soul of ECW. Him being that, I could understand him leaving when they decided to axe the SyFy brand. It just proved to me his love of ECW. But here, like all WWE alumni before him, he shoots on the company that gave him that, even having the bare-faced cheek to suggest that he left WWE-ECW when he couldn’t take how it was being treated any more, despite the fact that he left only a month before it was going to get cancelled.

Despite what hapenned after it, the One Night Stand show was superb, and while the ECW brand lost most of what made the original ECW so special, I have no doubt that it was sincere and provided a lot of work for a lot of wrestlers that wouldn’t otherwise be getting paid anywhere near that. Nevertheless, Dreamer goes on to whinge about how his friends lost their jobs at WWE. Well, newsflash, they’ll be losing their jobs again in TNA, not after years, but after weeks!

But it’s also about legacy, right? I believe he may be sincere in this, but if he thinks this blood-soaked spot-fest that they’re planning will improve ECW’s legacy, he’s sadly wrong. Dixie and TNA are clearly milking the ECW legacy for what it’s worth, booking generic ‘extreme’ matches that completely miss the point of the original incarnation. And look at them, every one of the men that stood in that ring are, with respect, totally pst it: Foley, Rhino, Richards, Dreamer himself and especially Raven. One Night Stand, in many ways, cemented a legacy. A night like that can’t be taken away. Unfortunately, neither will this new reunion be reversable, and it will damage ECW’s great legacy. I used to consider Dreamer a legend, now I just see him as a hypocrite, and it’s a damn shame it’s come to this!

A poor poor show. I wont be watching iMPACT! next week. As has been the case with every time i’ve given it a chance, I’ve realised how inferior and backward it still is. I do wish it well, but for me to enjoyably watch it, it needs to fundamentally change. I may be drawn to ‘Hard Justice,’ if they’re still calling it that by the time it airs, but for now my TNA viewership is again over. As I watched the only highlight of the night, the tag team match, I thought to myself something along the lines of ‘The Motor City Machine Guns are probably the best tag team in the world right now. Their talent is wasted here, holding this two-bit show together. It would be nice to see them go to WWE, save their tag team division and become even bigger stars like they deserve to be.’


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