An Idea for How to Conclude Seasons of NXT

The final three from NXT season 1

This is almost apropos of nothing, but I was thinking today, after watching NXT, about how they concluded the first season of the developmental show, i.e. with a final pro’s poll:

Now, no doubt, in comparison to the other polls, this was the most tense. However, I feel that the final way to define the winner should have more gravitas. What i’d like to see as the final hurdle on the way to finding WWE’s next break-out star is a PPV match between the final two (as ranked in no particular order on the final NXT of the season). A final, formal wrestling match seems a much more fitting way to determine a winner, and it wouldn’t have to be terribly prominant on the card; mid-card or even lower, but it just being there would give the match and the prize an inherent and immediate credibility as something worthwhile, while introducing the new winner on a big stage.


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