Smack of the Week (06/08/2010): An Abridged Review

I was on a short break to Scotland over the weekend, so I only got to watch Smackdown last night, and with today being three days after it aired, I’m only going to write a short review of the show, focusing on the most note-worthy moments of the show.

The story of the shared Women’s Championship continued this week, as LayCool seemingly out-smarting Teddy Long by sacrificing one of their belts and sharing one between them, splitting it apart as if it is a one of those ‘soulmate’ lockets that fit together. To me, this seemed a little iconoclastic, and it didn’t sit to well to be honest. However, I think this is just a delaying tactic for a big Summerlsm match. LayCool will come out next week, one or both of them will have a match and celebrate afterwards. Teddy will then come oout and tell them that they can’t share the belt or the championship – they will wrestle for it at Summerslam, in a match which I would be very interested in.

It’s always special to see a title change hands on television, so I was pleased that Dolph Ziggler finally reached that goal. It has been a genuine struggle for Dolph (both in and out of the ring) to achieve this, so I was genuinely delighted for him. He looks the part. I do have one criticism though: the match ending was good in storytelling terms, but not in in-ring story terms. Kofi hit Dolph with Trouble in Paradise, but Dolph hardly sold it in order to hit his Zig Zag. There may not have been much Dolph could have done about it, but it made the finish a little unsatisfactory to me. Nonetheless, i’m looking forward to a feud between these two which will involve a re-match at Summerslam no doubt and Dolph going over on a big stage. Kofi’s post-match attack was much more justifiable than last week’s and was genuinely brutal, especially the awkward head-on dive in to the ring steps by Ziggler from Kofi to end it. This could turn in to a hot feud.

I was hugely pleased to see MVP back on Smackdown, and with him being in a team taking on the Straight-Edge Society, I had high hopes that my wishes from last week (that Punk will feud with MVP) were coming to fruition. The match itself, if i’m being really honest, wasn’t much more than a squash, which is a shame, although, of the three on his team, MVP was given by far the most ring-time and you could tell he was doing his best to get noticed. I hope he can build on this, I really do. As for the S.E.S.’s new need to make an impact every week, at Punk’s demand, I like the direction, but it does seem to smell – be it soon or not – the angle that will end the S.E.S.

The main event was Rey Mysterio against Drew McIntyre in a match which promised much and largely delivered. Lots of good back and forth, and while the two don’t have natural chemistry, I think they gelled well together eventually. The finish was quite fliud and well worked out, having Rey go over and look strong for Summerslam without making Drew look weak. The only problem for Drew is that he is still without a Summerslam match, and being booked here may have hampered his chances of a PPV match with Christian at Summerslam which would promise much.

Christian didn’t appear, which I can agree with seen as it was to sell the injuries he sustained from Drew McIntyre. Another man missing out though was Jack Swagger. I can understand them perhaps not having anything for him this week, but he doesn’t have a Summerslam match as of yet, and I hope this isn’t the start of a big lull for him.

Since Kane accused Rey of attacking his brother, he has almost been treated like a heel, which is the opposite direction that I want this angle to take, which is why, ironically, I was happy to see Rey actually accuse Kane of the attack. I was happy because, going in to Summerslam, the question will be ‘Who attacked the Undertaker? Rey or Kane?’ Before actually being accused, it seemed the story was going to be that Rey was the suspect, and at Summerslam the ‘twist’ would be that Kane was revealed as the attacker. Now, that twist has been neutralised, and both are equally in the frame again. From this position, the biggest twist would be that it was indeed Rey that attacked the Undertaker – made even worse by his denials and false accusations. I hope this is the direction it will take.


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