Lance Cade Passes

In the latest of the tragically long line of wrestlers that have died too young, ex WWE performer and multiple-time tag team champion, Lance Cade has passed away today at the age of 29. I wont speculate any further than this statement, because I don’t want to cast unfair aspersions, but his apparant cause of death was heart failure, and we’ve heard that an awful lot of times when it comes to wrestler’s dying.

Cade was trained by wrestling legend Shawn Michaels and had a successful but short run in the WWE, notably, tagging with Trever Murdoch and being part of a programme as Chris Jericho’s confidant during his five-star rivalry with Cade’s mentor, Shawn Michaels.

It barely needs saying, but it’s just another horrible instance of a wrestler dying too young. There have been too many. And while I was no huge fan of Cade, I recognise the sacrifices any wrestler makes in performing for the fans, so condolences to his young family, and Thank You Lance, and R.I.P.

(I wonder if WWE will keep up the casker angle between Rey Mysterio and Kane at Summerslam?)


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