Tiffany and the Imbalance of the Brands Regarding Divas in WWE

In April of this year, one of WWE’s greatest divas of recent years, Mickie James was released from WWE (but i’m not here to speculate on that). The following month, ‘The Glamazon’ Beth Phoenix was injured in a match with Rosa Mendes. This exposed a bare divas division on Smackdown that has remained thin ever since. The threadbare division was exposed all the more because Phoenix was the best female wrestler on Smackdown at the time.

Ever since, Smackdown’s been stuck with people like Kelly Kelly and Tiffany in the Women’s Championship picture. While I have all the respect in the world for the effort Kelly Kelly and Tiffany have put in to their training and careers, it is clear that they aren’t of that calibre, at least not yet.

Then broke the news this week that Tiffany has been suspended indefinately from WWE after an incident where she allegedly assaulted her new husband, Drew McIntyre at their hotel. It seems that, rather than the assault, it was the fact that it happened while staying in a hotel while representing WWE. What this of course means is that Smackdown’s divas roster is yet another number short, leaving the show with just Michelle McCool (who usually appear together), Kelly Kelly and the rarely used (on Smackdown at least) Rosa Mendes.

One move that seems imminant is the break-up of LayCool, which I imagine to happen before Night of Champions, setting up a title match between the two ‘BFF’s. But that wont be enough. What is really needed is the drafting of at least one and maybe two divas from RAW – made all the easier with the return of Melina to that brand to bolster the numbers. My personal choices would be the lesser used but highly talented Gail Kim and Natalya, who I think would fit better on the more wrestle-centric blue brand.

In a related note to the Tiffany affair, there has been lots of speculation that she may, in fact, be fired for her indiscretion. I can understand that, but I hope it doesn’t have a similar effect as when Stacey Carter was released – i.e. her partner, Jerry Lawler, quit the company. Obviously the Tiffany situation is different because her husband is the alleged victim, but if it were to happen, I would hate the very young and talented Drew McIntyre to quit WWE under similar circumstances. It would be a horrible waste.


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