100th Post!

Well, this is actually the 101st, but I didn’t want to make the acknowledgement of the 100th post, the 100th post itself.

Anyway, I thought i’d acknowledge this milestone with a bit of a thanks to everyone who has read this blog so far. I’ve put a lot of effort in to it, and i’m glad that the people who have discovered it have appreciated it.

I’ve had this time over summer to write pretty lengthy, detailed, but efficient (I think anyway) reviews and articles about my World of Wrestling, so again, I hope they’ve been enjoyed! I doubt this level of commitment will be able to continue in about a month or so, as i’ll have other commitments to focus on, but i’ll still try to produce entartaining posts regularly.

Overall, i’ve had exactly 1,834 views up to this post, so thank you for every one, and hopefully RTV-WOW will get more and more!


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