NXT (31/08/2010): Season 2 Finalé; Season 3 Preview

Kaval with his pros after being announced as the winner NXT season 2

I should point out that i’m pretty tired, so this may a somewhat short review when compared to past reviews. The first major event of this week’s show was an obvious but brilliant piece of booking, pitting all three NXT contenders against each other. It was a good match, given a nice amount of time, and befitting of a finale match. The result was Alex Riley going over, but only after Kaval did the damage to Michael McGillicutty. The point of this was to reassert the implicit two-horse race of the competition between Kaval and Alex Riley. Incidentally, it looks like Mike McGillicutty is now using the Perfect Plex as a finisher. I’m not sure as to whether this is a good idea. On the one hand, it is a good move which connects him to his legacy, but on the other, he could be moving towards the Ted DiBiase’s position of being too caught up in his father’s image. As long as he doesn’t start calling himself ‘Mr Perfect,’ he should be fine.

Following this was the first elimination of the show, and it was Alex Riley that was gone. This may not correlate with what I just said, but I think it made sense. If Kaval was to go on and win, then it would be more credible if it didn’t follow the later talking challenge against the very charismatic Riley (as opposed to the stuttering McGillicutty). Saying that, after Riley was eliminated, it became clear that Kaval – unless a big swerve was planned – would be winning the show.

Indeed, in the final ‘face-off’ McGillicutty was sub-standard really, as he seemed to be rambling by the end and even the commentators seemed happy when the buzzer went to stop talking. Kaval is good enough on the mic, but especially so when compared to Michael McGillicutty (and less so in comparison to Alex Riley). Kaval made a lot of good points about how he had fought his way up through the indys and had been at the top of his competition at every level. He was becoming ever more the winner-in-waiting.

With that in mind, Kaval was announced as the winner of Season 2, showing that WWE management really are putting some faith in smaller guys. Kaval now gets a guaranteed shot at any title he wants. Now, as I’ve said before, i’m surprised that a Daniel Bryan-Miz US title match hadn’t been announced, but now that Kaval has had his own run-ins with Miz, maybe Kaval will be added to that title match? Maybe, but i’d have thought before hand that the competitors from this season would be going to Smackdown so as to balance the brands.

As Kaval was making his winner’s speech, the eliminated season 2 rookies (who had been at ringside throughout the night, passing judgement) jumped him. They seemed to be almost led by Lucky Cannon (who apparantly turned heel to try and become more interesting as a character) and there was something reminiscent of the Nexus angle. In a funny note, one of the rookies (Titus O’Neill I think) kept attacking Percy Watson, despite supposedly being on the same side. Anyway, they set upon the winner in a devestating way, obliterating him with all of their finishing moves. This may well have been just to get over their disappointment at losing, but that seems a little uncalled-for and needless really. If it is more than that, then could it be an extension of the Nexus angle? If any people were to be added to Nexus, the most fitting candidates would be from NXT. Perhaps they could be a Smackdown wing of the group? Perhaps that would be overkill, but I hope to see some sort of progression from this, even if it’s just to explain Kaval’s absence from something.

Now, as for a short preview for season 3. And it turns out that the next season will be an all-divas affair. This is a gutsy move because I could understand a worry about falling ratings. However, I think it’s a great idea, for one of the reasons that I love NXT, i.e. that it’s a great boost for the ‘pros.’ This is even more pronounced because this stage is one that the divas don’t usually get! Even on this show, some of the pros got more mic time than they usually get on the two main brands. Indeed, Alicia Fox cut a nice promo of sorts. Now we’ll have a season of NXT which will show almost all divas in matches and in promos. This is a great progression for the divas division, and i’m sure now that the audience will automatically care more about the divas division. Plus the fact, there are only so many new male superstars entering the frey, if we had another male NXT, it would start leading to saturation of the main rosters. Male mentors include Goldust and Primo. This is great for them too, especially Primo, who could really do with the air-time.

This should be interesting.


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    A companion emailed this link the other day and I will be eagerly anticipating your next article. Keep on on the world-class work.

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