Abridged RAW Recall (04/10/10): CeNa Falls iN LiNe

Though he had to, it pained Cena to do Barrett's bidding

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Right, RAW showed on Monday, and seen as it’s now Wednesday and you’ve all seen it and thought about it, I wont spend time on the usual detail, but instead try and ‘make it snappy’.

The first thing that needs saying is that pretty much all of the Nexus stuff was great! Indeed, WWE would have to still employ Vince Russo to mess this up! Barrett came out looking brilliantly smug. I didn’t like how he questioned Otunga though (as if he’d wait until then and wouldn’t have dome it straight after the match), however, there is clearly something brewing with Otunga, so that might be the legitimisation. One disappointment was that Cena didn’t come out in the black and gold, or change in to it at any point. If and when he wears that, the picture itself will be fecund with meaning! Hopefully he’ll start next week. Seeing John nbarely participating in the tag match, I was pretty annoyed. I would have hated it if his Nexus participation would have been in name only. This got even worse when he decimated Tarver and said he was going to ‘bring down Nexus from within’. Luckily, we have been saved from anything like that by the new ‘ruling’ that if John Cena did not comply with Barrett’s orders, he would be fired. This shone a new light on his trying to bring down Nexus from within because that can now be seen as Cena’s last hope that was quickly squashed making his situation even more desperate.

I have to say, the other aspects of RAW left me a little unmoved. Natalya vs Alicia was obviously nothing. Natalya’s getting another title shot and so a squash match was a good way of gaining momentum for that. A shame in many ways, but understandable.

There seems to be changes of personnel all over the place in Nexus. Cena in, Tarver seemingly out (a shame, and I hope he gets used in the future), Otunga possibly on his way out, and possibly – despite Barrett’s protestations, Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty in. This is all fine, though rather than getting rid of members, I would prefer Nexus to just grow and in doing so only grow as a threat. I’d prefer Tarver and Otunga to stay …

It was a shame to see Daniel Bryan get owned by Sheamus (seriously, those knee drops were brutal) and a lot of people are riled up about it. I figure WWE’s mentality was that Bryan, a respected and proven competitor, getting man-handled so easily (as opposed to a normal squash) would make Sheamus seem even more dangerous. Nonetheless, Bryan needs the push more than Sheamus does, and I really think he didn’t need to be the one taking the beating. Far be it for me to job out anyone like Primo or Zack Ryder (both guys I think should get more serious roles in WWE), but with their current standing, it would have been a lot less harmful to have one of them be the victim and neither would have lost anything from it. If you want Bryan on TV, put him in the battle royal.

Edge being traded back to Smackdown is symptomatic of the whirlpool his character seems to be trapped in at the minute: face-heel-face-RAW-Smackdown etc, but it is almost certainly a good move. For how good he is, at the minute, he’s getting lost in the RAW shuffle and on Smackdown can really grow as a top face. It is rumoured that CM Punk is the one that will be traded for him. Punk is great, and i’m sure he could have an excellent programme with (depending on availability) Daniel Bryan or Evan Bourne to help get them all propelled.

In theory, I liked the idea of mic-ing up LayCool, and I don’t blame WWE for experimenting with it. I wouldn’t be surprised though if it is immediately dropped. It was pretty horrible. LayCool can get over without that. Lord knows why the Bellas got to go over. One of them getting a title shot would be a travesty. My thought is that their loss to the Bellas, parallel to Natalya’s dominance could be the first step towards a Natalya reign as champion. At the very least they’ll be building up a rematch from HIAC.

I’m not entirely sure the Goldust thing made sense. He sent notes to the belt? I don’t know whether this is good for Goldie or bad fro DiBiase, who does seem to have been forgotten as of late. Legacy is certainly long forgotten. Goldust was and still could be a great and intriguing character, so a return of a re-invigorated version of him would be welcome. I understand his lust for all things gold, so if they feud of the Million Dollar Championship, that’s fine by me as long as it isn’t too goofy.

Back to Nexus. The battle royal worked well as a vehicle for Cena’s new role. I liked how they played his music but corrected it to the Nexus music. His constant guarding of Barrett was very telling too and when he was in the ring, he acted pretty much like the ‘Never Give Up’ Cena, but with a different purpose.. The only downside was when Cena eliminated Otunga. I’d have preferred to see him go to hit Otunga, but then, reluctantly, think better of it and fall in. That is but a small thing though. The real story was when he had to decide whether or not to elimate himself from the ring and from the WWE Championship picture and thereby do his duty. The tension of that dilemma played well against a Cena character that is obviously heroically prideful. For the greater good though, he had to eliminate himself, creating completely surreal and unbelievable scenes. Great stuff! I do hope that Cena’s storyline isn’t too much like the early Virgil’s or Shawn Michaels from a couple of years back when he was JBL’s lackey, before snapping. I would much prefer to see Cena show signs of maybe liking being in the Nexus, at least for a while, and properly turning heel, and then if WWE want him to reject it, he can come to his senses and become an even bigger face than ever he was!

Orton coming out was obviously fine and a good way to start on the build up. Could have been improved with Nexus coming out though and standing behind Barrett, with Cena at the back, but there. Again, a mere minor note. Nexus going after (and potentially attaining) the WWE Championship is the next logical step for this storyline, so it is clear already that that title match at Bragging Rights will be great!


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