No More Entrance Videos? No Good!

A couple of weeks ago I realised that certain superstars weren’t coming to the ring accompanied by their usual entrance videos. Orton, for instance, comes out with a n animated version of his RKO symbol on the ‘Titantron’ as opposed to a full-fledged video showing (in)famous and characterising moments from his recent career.

Since then, i’ve noticed it with others: Undertaker, Cena, Alberto Del Rio, for instance, though often i’ve also seen their Titantrons playing on smaller screens high above the ring.

This is a shame for many reasons. One is simply because entrance videos are cool. But they’re cool for a reason. What their function is (or was!) is to naturally accompany the wrestler’s music in order to sweep up a fervour surrounding the arrival of the specific superstar, while going some way to characterise the person and direct the audiences reaction to them. It is (was!0 an important function that I am actually very fond of, and I hope it isn’t the end for them because i’d be sad to see them go. Now the new animations (the best term I can attribute to them) do also fulfil this function, but in a much less engaging way, and in a way that simply isn’t as effective. I think a part of my reason for this indignation is that it seems so pointless. The HD set seemed to do animations well enough!

Hopefully, at least, they’ll keep making entrance videos, even if they do show them on the smaller screens!

If anyone is further interested, I wrote a wider article on the ‘World of Wrestling’ which deals in part with the entrance performance for another blog:

Anyway, as always, here’s a reminder of the new RTV-WOW twitter site which I would love some followers for, and which features updates, alerts of new posts and the odd bit of momentary analysis from me that you wont see here. Go to:


2 thoughts on “No More Entrance Videos? No Good!

    • I actually think he’s one of the guys that still has an entrance video. It’s a very basic one though – I think it’s mainly just the stock footage of him they used for NXT

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