Some Notes on Bragging Rights and WWE’s PPV Schedule

Last year's Bragging Rights promotional material

Next weekend, WWE shows it’s third PPV in five weeks, Bragging Rights. Now I should say that I like the broad idea of Bragging Rights. It is always exciting to see superstars that you’re not used to seeing fight each other, fight each other. However, there are a lot of problems with the concept.

To me, the main problem is that winning at Bragging Rights (apart from the obvious positives of winning a title match) is almost completely meaningless. Smackdown won last year: and so what? They got a trophy we’ve barely seen.

Another problem is that it is so close to Survivor Series, coming as it does currently, right before it. What that means is that we have two ‘team’ based PPVs in a row. This detracts in part from both.

These are the two main problems, so how can they be solved? After all, I do like this concept. The first problem could be solved this way: keep the trophy (why not?) but also have them win something tangiable, lets say a superstar from the losing brand. Lets say the brand that wins the most inter-promotional matches gets to pick any competitor from the other brand that has competed that night(not in the main event), while the winning team in the main match also get to take a superstar from the other brand (this could either just be anyone that competed in the main event, or if you really want to turn up the heat, the captain of the losing team).

As for the second problem, just move the PPV. It would be good in that post-Wrestlemania spot as a means of wiping that slate clean.

Do these things, and the problems of Bragging Rights are solved and it is made in to a major, compelling PPV.

There is another general problem though. There are simply too many PPVs. WWE wonder why PPV buyrates are going down while they’re asking people to buy a PPV (as at this time) every few weeks! It’s staring them in the face! Just scrap one or two PPVs from the schedule and – if they need to – slightly raise the prices. I think that would be best for both WWE and the WWE fans. Personally, I would scrap Hell in a Cell and TLC, simply because they are cheapening those fantastic concepts.

I’ve also heard they are thinking of bringing back WWE Heat (or an equivalent). I like that idea, I always liked the lead-in shows and they will undoubtedly help PPV buys. All I would add is that, instead of Heat, why not just put the fledgling Superstars show on on Sundays on PPV weekends and really give it a new birth there. I don’t know whether moving it to Sundays permanently would work, but it would make sense to show it then live before PPVs, rather than leave it as it is and create another WWE show.

Do all this, and in my opinion, a lot of progress will have been made with WWE PPVs.


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