NXT (19/10/2010): How Low Will They Take It?

The big talking point of this week was that first match between Kaitlyn and Maxine. The first half was probably just about passable, but the second half was a car crash plain and simple. I understand Kaitlyn hasn’t had the training Maxine has and Maxine has complained that she was having to carry Kaitlyn, and hence the poor quality of the match. However, it’s not as if it’s the first time one wrestler’s had to ‘carry’ another, so Maxine only gets so far off the hook. It just shows that WWE really needs to pay more than lip service to training these divas. I’m not saying they should stop hiring ‘attractive’ divas, but at least have them in FCW for a decent time before televising them. People like Eve and Layla have come on leaps and bounds under training and are now decent wrestlers, as well as ‘hot’. This put Kaitlyn way down in my estimation to be honest.

The name that body contest was irrelevant and i’d rather have seen another match.

At least the limbo challenge was somewhat athletic. I’ve said in the past, I like the challenges; I think they add an extra dimension to the show and help bring out more of the rookies’ character. This one, maybe not so much, but at least it was more relavent.

The main event was pretty good mostly. Maybe it was just in comparison to the earlier match, but Kelly Kelly and the Bellas seemed to have improved in the ring recently, using more moves and selling more believably. Naomi’s obviously a very athletic talent too, though I think her (in ring) storytelling is a little weak and her matches can be a little flat. She needs a finisher. I liked Nikki Bella going on her rampage in the match. It was well sold and made the bout more interesting. Perhaps a tentative storyline?

NXT is certainly an entertaining show in many respects, but is often, bafflingly, intentionally stupid or boring. This is something the announcers have obviously been told to sell too and I just don’t understand it! The concept was (and still could be) great, and from all accounts, WWE management love it. So why is it being treated this way? Maybe Tough Enough’s seemingly inevitably return can explain it. Maybe that show would tread on NXT’s toes, and with NXT not having a network, maybe it’s going to get cancelled after season 3, as Cole especially apparantly wants to see happen. Maybe their treatment of the concept is to make it seem like less of a loss when/if it is cancelled … But why can’t they just cancel it and send it off in style by making the competition fierce and producing a diva with lots of momentum around her, rather than surrounding it in ignominy? I give up speculating to be honest …

I think from now on, though i’ll still be watching it (despite its flaws, the diva delivered at the end of it will be very easy to get behind on the WWE roster), I’ll only post a review of it on nights when either there are particularly good matches (which there could be), something big happens (which it could do), or eliminations and the finale. This is simply because while I can critique matches and storylines, they are pretty thin this season, and I find myself repeating my confusion over the treatment of the show.


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