Abridged RAW Recall (01/11/2010): Cena Calls it Straight Down the Middle

This one will be very short. I’ve been very busy and it’s now nearly 3am, so I wont be hanging around …

The Harts had a good match with Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel. The way the Hart’s are splitting now seems quite cliché with all the clamatous matches. That is typical of them as they’ve struggled to do much spectacular in storyline times. Tyson Kidd had another great match, incorporating new moves like a brilliant swinging fisherman’s suplex.

There followed a couple of squashes in favour of Sheamus and Ezekiel Jackson. Not great viewing, but intended to keep the former looking good while pushing the latter.

The Pee Wee Herman stuff was funny but he took up too much airtime. I hate that Big Show was on, again because I don’t think there should be crossovers between the brands. It’s stupid and is almost sure to be meaningless, and Show’s match with Miz was. The match itself was alright, but seen as Show wont (or shouldn’t be) on RAW again, does it really matter? Speaking of Pee Wee, he introduced a cameo from LITA! She was only on for a few seconds, but it was very welcome and actually quite shocking. There have been rumours that she is interested in a wrestling comeback of some mind, and while the rumours of her return to WWE should be taken with a pinch of salt, it would be incredibly welcome and a shot in the arm for the divas division.

Daniel Bryan had a match with Ted DiBiase next which was again one of the best of the night. It seems Bryan is on a winning streak  sort of story now that CM Punk – who he was about to enter a programme with – is out of action. With that in mind, if DiBiase’s current programme with Goldust ends soon, he would make a good contender for the US Title. They were pretty tentative initially, but they put on a good match and they could have a good programme in the future if booked.

Natalya had a very good match with Michelle McCool. They were given more time than divas are usually given and used it effectively, filling the match with grappling, suplexes and proper bumps. Kudos to both. This is how divas need to be booked, and there’s absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t.

The coma stuff was funny but unwelcome. I don’t have a problem theoretically with WWE campaigning for Linda, but the problem is that it seriously undermines their admirable ‘Smackdown Your Vote’ stance. Not only that, but it was just a bit petulant to have a Blumenthal sticker on Vinnie’s ass. Steph is always welcome on TV though.

The main event struck me as good ‘go home’ booking. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the go-home show. The match was fine and told a good story regarding Cena’s moral dilemma at Survivor Series, but it didn’t do too much to progress the story and didn’t leave much of a classic ‘cliffhanger.’


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