Smack of the Week (05/11/2010): Nexus Invade!

Nexus take on the Smckdown team which was made up of some strange bedfellows

This will likely be another shortish review. I sually pst on Smackdown on Friday, but yesterday s bonfir night and it all got pushed back. Anyway, like what you see, check me out on Twitter!:!/RTVWOW

Now, when this whole exus thing started around five months ago, I was really hopeful thattheir influence woul spread thrughout the WWE, to Smackdown and NXT as well as RAW. Until Bragging Rights, their ‘infection’ has been limited mainly to RAW, which I understood was for logistical reasons. However, now that thy seem to impacting Smackdown too, I couldn’t be happier with it. Mo on this when I talk about their segments.

The first match was Edge against Alberto Del Rio, and it was an odd one. As we learned later, and as the pyro suggested, this was just a lead-in to the main event. With that in mind, it was a full-length match Indeed, usually when you get run-in angles in matches, they tend to occur in the middle of the match, just when momentum is building. Here though, the match was reaching a conclusion when the five Nexus members that turned up, turned up. The match until then waspretty good. Quite tentative t points, but the talent of both guys made it a good watch with a lot of back and forth, making them both look strong and resiliant. Saying all this, I think given how long it took for Nexus to show up, there was quite a few minutes that could have been used elsewhere if this match had been interferd in sooner. I hated, however, that Kane cam out to help. It seemed completely outof character. He’s been so obsessed with himself and his brother for the ast few months that it seems ridiculous that he would come to the aid of his brand …

As I say, Nexu showing up is a great development. It all but confirms that they have some sort of other agenda as pertains (probably) to the Undertaker and really helps their portrayal as an ‘infection’ in the industry. The commetators where really labouring that Wade Barrett was potentially being challenged by David Otunga, which is something i’m not too intereted at tis point. It’s interesting to a degree, but it detracts from the idea of a powerful ‘nexus’ at a point when they are (or are about to be) at the peak of their powers.

I was pleasantly surprised to see JTG get a runout against the IC champ, Dolph Ziggler this week. It wasn’t too much above a job, but the guy has certain charisma, and should be utilised in some way on TV, even if it has to be a low-card guy. A simple case of helping Dolph looking strong and clinical in the ring while his ‘private life’ is such a mess.

The next match made me ecstatic. It was MVP against Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre for a shot at th foremntioned IC champion. MVP, with his new music (which maybe needs a bolder opening, but is great otherwise) had th fans behind him from minute one. The guy is straight-up over, second behind only Orton currently, so it was pleasing to see him in the title picture. As soon as I saw the match-up, I knew what the story would be: Drew and Cody would be obsessed with each other, allowing MVP to beat them both, thus setting up a sweet feud between the two. This was also probably the best match of the night, with lots of great wrestling and great triple-threat action, including a back-drop mixed with a suplex. It wasn’t a case of MVP pickingup the pieces, he won because of his own skill, pinning Drew McIntyre after a Drive-By. I went nuts at this point. I’ve worried that all the recent speculation over MVP’s position and future would really dmage his career and nix completely any hopes of a deserved main-event run. s he said backstage with Kaval, all he needs is the opportunity to shine.

Speaking of Kaval, both he and MVP got jumped by Nexus backstage. I don’t know about MVP, butI thik this is all pointing to a Nexus vs Smackdown Survivor Series match. With Wade and Cena busy, the other five will be redundant at the PPV. From he retaliating Smackdown side, Kane and Edge will be busy fighting for the World Heavyweight championship, there would be two spots that culd be filled by Kaval and Rey Mysterio, who was also beaten down by Nexus this Friday.

Tyler Reks defeated Chris Masters after this. It’s good for the both ofthem that they made TV, and it seems like the two may be entyering a feud, which would also help them both. While it was an ok match, i’m yet to see anuthing to really excite me about Reks. He has a good look, but he has a bit of bland rawler style which may othrs do better.

The main event was a huge 10-man-tag match between Kane, Edge, Alberto Del Rio, Kofi Kingston & Big Show and the Nexus members that appeared this week. As I always say, matches with these amount o wrestlrs are rarely going to produce fantastic wrestling. Nonetheless, this wasalways going to be an interesting match seeing how Nexus worked without Barrett’s guidance and seeing how such a combustable Smackdown tam would co-exist. Despite Del Rio bailing like he did at Bragging Rights, the Smackdown team managed to beat a more disorderly Nexus team than we usually see. The announcers continues to speculate, in the wake of the defeat, how this would go down with Barrett, but while I realise it will have to be addressed, I really hope there isn’t needless tension between Barrett and Otunga on RAW; nd that aside, I want to see Nexus on Smackdown again and maybe even grow in numbers still further as they try to envelop the blue brand. ‘Go home’ style cliff-hangers came from Kane eventually taking apart his own team before Edge could retaliate and earn th win for Smackdown while getting one over on the incumbant champion and gaining momentum heading towards Survivor Series.


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