NXT: AJ’s Elimination and Who Should Win Season 3

Arguably the favourite to win NXT, AJ was eliminated in the penultimate week

A few weeks ago, I stopped posting about NXT, not because it’s bad, or the wrestling (well some of the wrestling) is bad, because that’s not the case. It was simply because it has turned in to a comedy show. I still watch every week, and am entertained, but there’s not really the substance to get your teeth in to like there was in the first two seasons.

Anyway, for me, AJ was the absolute stand-out. Naomi is incredibly athletic (not the same necessarily as in-ring prowess by the way), Kaitlyn is very attractive and likeable, but lacks in the ring, but AJ has it all: talent, in-ring prowess, and is very likeable. Those eliminated before this week, with the possible exception of Maxine, just couldn’t cut it in my opinion.

Indeed, I saw AJ as a very good (but still unique) replacement for Mickie James, in the sense that she has all the tools, and has an innate and sincere likeability which could easily make her top-face. She’s also incredibly over with the fans already.

So why was she eliminated? I know half of the vote is meant to be from the WWE Universe, but seen as i’m sure that vote would be largely split between her and Kaitlyn, I can’t see why the WWE side of the bargain would choose her to go. It actually, simply doesn’t make sense, at least not while Naomi (with all due respect) is still in the competition.

There can only be one reason for it then, and if it is the case, it’s pretty surprising: AJ, with all that top face potential, could be turning heel. Given that her ‘pro’, Primo, seems to be billed as a heel (though his NXT stint has weakened that), perhaps she’s going to fall in line with him, continue this romance story, and have a heel programme with someone (for the sake of argument, i’ll suggest Evan Bourne as it would be good for him too). I would like to see this. Both guys need a boost and deserve the TV time. As for AJ, I would suggest that she doesn’t need it, but it could make a good story nonetheless: angry at the rejection of the WWE and the ‘Universe’ AJ turns heel and, along with Primo, try to make a mark on the roster and it’s more popular stars. Maybe eventually, she could be shocked by something Primo does and turn face …

At the very least, we need her on the main roster as soon as season 3 finishes.

As to who should be the winner! Though Naomi is, as everyone says, very athletic, and while she can get very passionate about wrestling and disrespect etc, she is usually incredibly bland as a character. I think the only winner is Kaitlyn. Yes, she’s clearly the inferior wrestler, but she can improve for sure. She has a very good personality and interesting tension with Vickie Guerrero which could be conducive to a good opening storyline. Of course, she would be one of the first on heel-AJ’s list, so to speak. With this in mind though, Kaitlyn is so obvious as the winner that I can see WWE giving it to Naomi as a bit of a swerve. That all, of course, remains to be seen.


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