MVP Granted Release from WWE

MVP, the longest reigning United States Champion in history, seemed destined for big things

MVP was granted a release today from WWE. This is genuinely very upsetting to me as, while I initially didn’t rate him as anything ‘special’, I have come over the last year especially to realise that he was the all-round pro-wrestling package; he is great on the mic, great in the ring, and over with the fans, but WWE never seemed to wake up to this, which is why, I think, he asked for his release.

On twitter he said he “felt it was time to international and freshen things up,” and I don’t blame him. He was always on that upper-mid card crux of a world title run, but never received it. He seemed destined for the main event in 2008, even competing for the WWE title in a Championship Scramble match, but even when that didn’t lead to anything there were several times when he impressed subsequently: interrupting Legacy, he seemed on course for a feud with Randy Orton, later he seemed to be entering a hot feud with new WWE Champion The Miz, but in both cases, they just fizzled out, and not because of MVP.

He was never given the chances he deserved. His personal story is compelling and uplifting, and WWE never tapped in to it in any meaningful way. I just hope the ‘WWE Universe’ makes WWE realise just how big the talent is that they’ve driven away and hopefully they will do ‘a Daniel Bryan,’ wake up, and bring him back for a push. It seems unlikely though.

Now to the inevitable question: I don’t like TNA, and I don’t know how good a fir he’d be there anyway, but if he did go, I would watch. Whatever happens, I hope he finds success and happiness, which, for MVP, means wrestling in Japan, and MVP in Japan will be unique and excellent viewing!


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