Kaval Released!

Say what! In what looks to be an amicable split, Kaval has been ‘future endeavored’ by WWE. Looking a bit closer, however, it seems mutual. Management apparantly had nothing for the NXT Season 2 winner, which perhaps was obvious to both parties after his job to Drew McIntyre on Smackdown, and hence this decision.

Hang on! He was the winner of NXT season 2! You can’t tell me their plans for an NXT winner was to lose a title match and then nothing beyond that! If that is the case, then the fault is with WWE. The guy wrestled his ass off every minute he had on TV, and deserved something decent coming his way.

What he does in his ‘future endeavor’ will be interesting. He is an alum of both TNA and ROH, so naturally, they’ll be in the rumour-mill and obviously, he’ll now be a hot commodity for both promotions. I would certainly like WWE to come up with some ideas for him and bring him back at a later date though.


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