Smack of the Week (14/01/2011): The End of Days for Big Show and Edge?

Wade Barrett's new group, but are they linked to the New Nexus?

Can WWE not keep Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio apart for two seconds!? I liked Cody Rhodes getting involved with those two and R-Truth, placing him high up on the card, but seeing them wrestle again is enough to put me to sleep, despite their fantastic chemistry. The angle should be over; I thought it was over. It is quite illuminating about the lack of depth in the Smackdown roster that they had no other choice. They put on a decent tag match, and Cody looked pretty good, which was the most important thing to come of this in my view.

One of many things I liked about this Smackdown was the apparent call-up Trent Barreta seems to have been given. Two weeks ago when he took that almost absurdly huge bump, uncaught, from the ring to the floor, I thought he was just being used as a means to Drew McIntyre’s end after McIntyre inflicted even more pain on the injured newcomer. But as soon as Barreta showed up this week, it was clear that it was the beginning of something between these two: it was shown what happened to Barreta two weeks ago, and then he went after McIntyre furiously. This match was short, but was excellent in terms of content. McIntyre took control quite early, with Barreta selling his injuries of a fortnight ago, making McIntyre’s attack seem all the more needlessly brutal, especially that knife-edge chop to the face – that was excellent. McIntyre seemed to have added to his move-set a little, refining it, which was something he could probably have stood to do. His picture perfect dropkick (literally, accompanying it with a picture taunt) and his belly to belly suplex were disciplined and well executed, without detracting from his brawler style. It got to the point where is was awkward viewing (in a good way), as McIntyre looked to press Barreta out of the ring – it was at this point that Baretta shifted his hips in to a sunset flip style move, earning a huge shock victory. This was great for Baretta, cementing his position on television I think without making McIntyre look weak – after all, Barreta’s win was, in many ways, a fluke. Good foundation for a good feud. Afterwards, McIntyre attacked Barreta backstage, furious at his loss, when Kelly Kelly appeared, disarming McIntyre. Needless to say she wasn’t too impressed with McIntyre’s actions, and walked off disgusted. It’ll be interesting to see how this develops, or if they were killing the angle.

It was a shame that the Kofi Kingston-Jack Swagger match was so ordinary. Fine, but ordinary.  As a triple threat feud with Dolph Ziggler, this really worked, but by now, it seems a little redundant. I think Swagger needs to move on, concentrate on being in the main event again, which maybe means he can join the ranks of those who say they will win the Royal Rumble, and make a play for that, and the Elimination Chamber. As for Kofi, he needs a new challenger; send it the way of Cody Rhodes.

The end segment of the show was #1 Contender, Dolph Ziggler appearing on the Cutting Edge with Edge’s ex-wife, Vickie Guerrero in-toe. Both guys are good on the mic, so this was a decent segment, and I liked the way two separate clips of Vickie being cheated on were brought up (where the hell is Kaitlyn by the way!?). This was all well and good, but it centered more around Vickie than the World Heavyweight Championship match. That was made central, however, at the end of the show when Ziggler cold-cocked Edge with the mic before attempting to beat him down. Another moment I liked was when Edge gained the upper hand and looked like he would Spear Vickie. If that were ever to happen, it would be genuinely memorable, highlight reel stuff, simply because of the history between the two and the current, hated profile of Vickie Guerrero. Ziggler saved her from this fate (maybe it will happen at a later date?) and beat down the champion, hitting a horrible (in a good way) Zig Zag on the ringsteps. This was genuinely quite surprising – I was expecting a ‘tail between his legs’ moment for Ziggler at this stage, but Ziggler got the best of the veteran, again adding weight to his push.

The main talking point, however, is the formation of Wade Barrett’s (kinda) new group! I suggested on RAW that Gabriel and Slater could come to Smackdown and join Barrett, but, in reality, I thought it was just wishful thinking!  Indeed, on the wrong end of a beat-down during his match with Big Show, Barrett looked to be the next victim of Big Show’s monster-like booking, but (former?) Nexus partners, Gabriel and Slater showed up on the scene to attempt the usual Nexus-like beat down. Then ‘Big Zeke’ arrived. At first I expected Jackson, a babyface at first, to help Big Show, a prospect I wasn’t keen on as the two 1-dimensional monsters on the same team could be boring, but then he started helping Barrett’s group! The announcers couldn’t get enough of his slam to Big Show, and to be honest, I don’t blame them – that sort of feat is truly amazing. Show then suffered the usual mix of finishers before the four posed together over his carcass. I’ll be very interested to see how this group justifies itself next week, and whether or not they call themselves Nexus. In an ideal way (for this fan), they would announce being linked to the New Nexus, and being a kind of Smackdown wing of the group. As I have said from the beginning, I love the idea of them swarming and infesting the WWE – it makes them seem like a threat to the very spectacle we are seeing. It’s also good, because it makes Big Show more relevent and interesting than he has been in a very long time (probably since his tag team title runs). All I know is that I can’t wait for next week! Maybe we’ll have more members! I’d love to see Tarver return to the fold!


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