RAW (07/02/2011): A lot of not very much …

I’m pretty pressed for time right now, so i’m quite glad (in some, disappointed, ways) that RAW gave me nothing much to talk about this week. It really was a damp squib.

I didn’t know what to expect from McMahon, but that wasn’t much of an announcement. I really hope the Wrestlemania ‘Guest Host’ isn’t Justin Bieber – I mean, how could he carry a show involving people like Orton, Kane and ‘Taker? It would be ludicrous. Personally, I think The Rock would be a good choice, seen as he doesn’t want to wrestle, it would probably be a good role for him.

The started out ok. I liked Punk’s explanation of his attacks on Orton and how it dated back to Unforgiven, 2008 when Orton basically forced Punk to vacate the title with a Punt Kick. That sort of backstory is welcome, even if it was probably more serendipitous than creative; I also liked Orton’s reaction to that – basically, that Punk had a point.

Apart from that, nothing notable really happened. Daniel Bryan and Ted DiBiase got nice rubs from Miz and The King, but it was hardly a match in which to excel. It seems DiBiase will be getting another US Title shot, and hopefully, he’ll continue this beef with Lawler going in to Wrestlemania, or something like that.

Up until the main event, Nexus had found a way to beat the other Elimination Chamber competitors, and it felt like it was building to something in the main event: a new Nexus member? Awesome Kong? Some shocking act? No, Punk was scuppered and that was it.

Nothing was built for next week, and barely anything for Elimination Chamber. The only thing I can think of is that these actions will cost Punk the WWE title at Elimination Chamber as all the other guys gang up on him, but that would have been better served next week than this …

Just a disappointment for me.


2 thoughts on “RAW (07/02/2011): A lot of not very much …

  1. Dude u missed the best part when R-Truth got the place in which he was in wrong.he thought it was green bay but it was milwaukee.lol.

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