Smack of the Week (11/02/2011): Edge Escapes With His Title, Or Does He?

The first meaningful segment of the show was another celebration from Alberto Del Rio, this one being a valentines related affair detailing the love affair between Del Rio and ‘destiny’ – a nice idea I thought. Then, out came Kofi Kingston to confront him for last week’s attack with the kendo stick, getting his own back after making Del Rio beg. Kofi’s promo was one of his better ones too, turning the idea of ‘destiny’ round on Del Rio to include taking a beating. This led to a match between the two. This was a good match between the two, and if Del Rio wasn’t the current Royal Rumble winner, I would want to see more. Kofi had a lot of offense, really carrying his ‘anger’ well, and really having the better of Del Rio for the most part and getting a nice near-fall from his amazing cross-body. I was hoping though that Del Rio wouldn’t lose. I have written about how I feel wrestlers need not always be shown to be strong, but the Royal Rumble winner is someone I believe should always be strong. To achieve this, without damaging Kofi’s credibility, Del Rio viciously attacked Kofi’s arm against the ring steps, something he couldn’t come back from as he tapped soon after to Del Rio’s armbreaker.

The Corre said they are going to revolutionise Smackdown. At this point, I don’t believe them. Already the main focus for the commentary is even whether four equal members is possible in a unified group. They’ve not been around for long and already the seeds are being sown for a split! They need to do something better than just win by numbers every week – though Big Zeke’s feats of strength (e.g. his suplex to Big Show was incredible!). I don’t know what exactly, but that isn’t my job. Maybe they should do something that actually seems revolutionary, because right now we’re just getting more of the same.

I liked Drew McIntyre dedicating his match to Kelly Kelly and mentioning, with some logic, that he blamed Edge for her getting fired. I would like to see some ‘beef’ between those two in the coming weeks; maybe to hinder his Elimination Chamber chances and make Edge’s victory all the more impressive.This is definitely one of the more interesting stories in WWE right now. As for the match, it was a little short, but good stuff. He and Chris Masters have good chemistry; his spinebuster to McIntyre was excellent and just huge (it would serve as a better finisher than the crappy Masterlock) which McIntyre hit another variation of the reversal of a backslide in to the Future Shock for another win.

It looks like LayCool aren’t far from splitting up. I really like LayCool, but I think their dominance of the division makes for great Wrestlemania booking, and so I would pull the trigger on the split. Layla seems to be on something of a losing streak after she was pinned by Eve when she won the Divas title and was pinned last week by Kelly Kelly to lose the world title for Dolph Ziggler. This week again, she lost to Eve in a decent match where even when Michelle tried to help, she still lost, leaving Michelle seem almost disillusioned with her partner. This all places Layla as the babyface when the split does occur, which is the right booking again. Very good story developing here.

The main event was very interesting because I knew Edge was almost certainly going to retain his title, but the stipulation meant that it was seemingly impossible. This in itself promises something of a special moment to the viewer. As the match progressed, Vickie Guerrero being the referee created some great moments. The very first thing that happened was that Ziggler went for a quick roll up which was met with a very quick 2-count from Vickie, which set the pace for the rest of the match. Another nice spot came when Edge went for a cover, and Vickie pretended to count it fair before placing Ziggler’s foot on the rope after counting two, and laughing her head off afterward. This aspect may have overshadowed the wrestling, but I didn’t mind that. You can expect a high quality match from these two, which we got, but the most compelling aspect was the stipulation, so it was right to make that central. It looked like the way for Edge to win would be for Vickie to be incapable of being ref, which happened when she attempted a Spear on her ex-husband, turning her ankle in the process. This allowed Edge to hit two Spears before a Green Bay Packer, Clay Matthews came to count the 3 (a celeb involvement I approve of). This is all well and good, apart from the confusion surrounding the stipulation at this point. The confusion isn’t that Edge used the Spear, because we know that if Vickie doesn’t see, he gets away with it; the problem with that is, Vickie saw the second one, and not only that, but as the show ended, Vickie seemed to be waving the decision off while Cole was saying that Edge had been disqualified by Guerrero (which would lose him his title). This was poor in that there seemed to be confusion as to who is actually champion at this point. My  instinct tells me that this confusion will justify another world title match on next week’s Smackdown, but if that’s not the case, it’ll be poor sports entertainment whoever won. It’s a cliff hanger, but not necessarily a good cliff-hanger, and possibly quite a frustrating one.


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