Smack of the Week (18/02/2011): Pre-Chamber Eliminations

Though big tag matches are usually nothing special to watch wrestling-wise the mass of talent in the big Smackdown tag match booked for this week had me anticipating it greatly, so I was excited to see it on first. There was lots of nice build-up in the match too. The first thing Drew McIntyre did, for instance, was insist that his friend Sheamus tagged him in to face Edge, the man he blames for Kelly Kelly’s firing. Though I would have liked more attention paid to the bond of the so-called ‘Celtic Connection’, I was pleased to see McIntyre get some time in the ring with Edge, and sold his anger towards him well as a way to build up future tensions between the two. It was also nice to see him get to perform his finsher on Randy Orton – a symbol for anyone that they can be taken seriously. A notable omission was any interaction between CM Punk and Wade Barrett on the heel team. Unless they’re completely dropping the idea of a Nexus/Corre face-off, that made little sense to me. The real point of the match was to place Ziggler and Edge in the same ring to build for the rest of the show. After the almost obligatory break-down, Edge managed to Spear Edge and gain the pinfall, a nice result showing that Edge truly deserves the World Heavyweight Championship.

In the midst of celebration though, out came Vickie Guerrero to remind Edge that not only would Ziggler be coronated as champion later that night, but that, as promised, he was fired. Edge sold this nicely, looking genuinely hurt. So much so, I was starting to think how booking might adapt if Dolph Ziggler was to become champion.

I’m not sure what will become of LayCool now Michelle has injured her leg. I’d be surprised if she wrestles again any time soon, and I had thought we’d have seen Lay against Cool at Wrestlemania. I suppose it really depends on the severity of the injury, she was, after all, able to get involved in the match between Layla and Maryse against Eve and Beth, helping the heels win with a cool kick combination double team.

Miz vs Kofi Kingston was ok, but nothing on the Miz-Bryan match on RAW, I suppose because Kingston is no Bryan. There was some nice back-and-forth though, allowing both men to look strong and resiliant, though it probably wasn’t as flattering for Miz as Monday’s match was. Build for the Kingston-Del Rio match was added when the Royal Rumble winner approached the ring to distract Kingston, using his scarf to draw his attention and allow Miz to hit a Skull-Crushing finalé for the win, allowing Del Rio to stand over Kingston, gloating and winking. Not that inspired really, but it did the job.

I think a decent bet could be places on a tag title match pitting Santino and Kozlov against Corre and Nexus at Elimination Chamber after the DQ finish to this week’s tag title match. Either that or just a Corre-Santino & Kozlov rematch. In that sense, decent, and needed build for the PPV, but again, nothing really trailblazing from Corre, just more promise of an interesting but surely horrible match between Big Show and Ezekiel Jackson as again, Show came out to scupper Corre in a beat-down against the tag champs.

The main event segment of the show was Ziggler’s coronation, and thankfully, as many expected, Teddy Long returned to interrupt the ceremony. Restraint is a good thing in acting, as Teddy Long has always been deliberately dignified and professional (in terms of his temperament at least), and so when he actually become angry, it is very watchable, and this is what happened in the ring, as he continuously told Vickie Guerrero to ‘shut up’. Strangely though, it appears as if he allowed Ziggler to keep the championship, as his next order was that, predictably, we’d have another world title match. This was, as you might, expect, a short affair. To have a long match would have killed the excitement of such a quickly twisting situation, with Long returning and Edge re-hired. The Spear legal, in only a few minutes Edge hit it to regain his title (he was announced as the new world heavyweight champion). I don’t like that Edge lost the title, even if it was barely noticeable and not taken seriously by anyone. Why not just say, “Dolph, if you want this championship, you’ll have to beat the champion, and this is your last chance …” Giving Ziggler the title for a few minutes isn’t worth anything, and Edge losing the title for a few minutes seems equally needless. As I say though, fans wont recognise the title change. What was interesting was that, in the aftermath of Edge’s victory, Long ‘fired’ Ziggler, and with grounds as it was spilled that Ziggler was behind Long’s assault. But what does that mean for Ziggler? RAW? What could/will he do there if that is the case? Also, what about his spot at Elimination chamber? A free spot suggests a surprise entrant. I’ll talk about this more on my Elimination Chamber PPV, but may I ask, how fit is Christian?

Wrestlemania season has really kicked in now, and it’s getting very interesting!


5 thoughts on “Smack of the Week (18/02/2011): Pre-Chamber Eliminations

  1. haha i’ve been your regular reader since your 1st post.
    I really like your presentation style that sets you apart from other WWE columns on the net.
    P.S:No way i’m your only regular reader, i’ve told all my friends who are wrestling fans to read your posts too.:)

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