Elimination Chamber Preview and Predictions, 2011

Elimination Chamber, 2011, from the Oracle Arena, Oakland, California, 20/02/2011

Elimination Chamber is always one of the more unpredictable PPV’s. It’s Wrestlemania season, and anything is possible in the name of hyping up the big dance. The past two years have seen shock championship switches to people not in the actual chamber match, and this year, the empty spot in the Smackdown chamber guarantees some sort of surprise, surely! Also, I don’t think we’ll see an extra match, eventhough a diva match is missing. No doubt we’ll see a segment, and hopefully one introducing Awesome Kong. They seem to be specifically making the divas division look to be in chaos, so maybe she could be the one to clear it up. Why wait on her!

Match 1) RAW Elimination Chamber Match: John Cena vs Randy Orton vs CM Punk vs King Sheamus vs John Morrison vs R-Truth
I have said before that the only way to avoid Cena headlining Wrestlemania this year would be for Triple H to return and win the thing. I don’t, however, see this as likely or necessarily desirable. Cena was the main guy that helped Miz get over in my opinion, and their history stretching back I think 2 years to Miz’s anti-Cena days (inspired surely by Jericho’s ‘feud’ with Goldberg in WCW) would make for a big pay-off in Atlanta. The only other real option is John Morrison. One day he could headline Wrestlemania with the Miz as his history with The Miz (if he is to win his later match?) is obvious. But I don’t think they’ll be booking that match just yet, they’ll want an established name to pair up with Miz and Morrison simply isn’t ready yet, though he has been improving. Everyone (except probably Miz) will turn on Punk, surely, after all he has done to them, and as for Morrison, he needs to pull out some more awesome parkour. It is that that has started to get him over, so I expect him to try something ridiculous and unbelievable in the match. As a little extra tit-bit, I think it will come down to Punk-Cena in the end, to put a final bullet on their rivalry.

Winner: John Cena

Match 2) WWE Tag Team Championship Match: Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov (c) vs Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater (Corre)
The only thing making me doubt that Corre will take the championships are the sheer popularity of the champions. I think it would probably be a good idea to have them keep the titles for a long time (a year, say) and make them look like really strong champions. That would be good for the division in many ways. However, I also suspect that the fortunes of Corre are more important to WWE right now. They need to do something. Also, why have a DQ finish on tv if you’re going to just have another defence anyway? No reason why this can’t be a fun match though, it’s just a little hard to predict. However, i’m going to go for the stable that WWE seem to be trying to hype, somewhat unsuccessfully.

Winners: Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater (Corre)

Match 3) Kofi Kingston vs Alberto Del Rio
To be honest, despite my enjoyment of Alberto Del Rio, and his reign as Royal Rumble winner, i’ve not really gotten interested in this little feud. A bit of oneupmanship in terms of assaults, but no real storyline as I can see. Don’t get me wrong, i’m sure the match will be of pretty high quality, if for no other reason than to get Del Rio over as a strong challenger going in to Wrestlemania, and it’ll need to be pretty conclusive as you would imagine that Del Rio will be heading in to his feud with the World Heavyweight Champion immediately following, but I’m just not very interested in the match. Kofi will look strong too, however, and Del Rio may need to assault Kingston’s arm on the steps or ringpost first to get the sumbission.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Match 4) WWE Championship Match: The Miz (c) vs Jerry “The King” Lawler
This match is something of an enigma. No one really knows what to expect in terms of quality, although going off their ladder match a month or so back, there’s no reason why it can’t be good. There is also the unfortunate circumstances of the passing of Jerry’s mother which will automatically lead to an extra dimension for the match. Jerry, in real life as well as kayfabe, will undoubtedly be performing for his late mother, and that can only be good for the emotionality of the match. A little part of me was worried that this would lead to Jerry actually going over, but it’s still highly unlikely. The Miz, whatever happens, will be headlining Wrestlemania, but there has been much talk of giving Lawler a ‘cup of coffee’ reign out of respect and to break his championship duck in WWE. That’s not out of the question, and a big part of me would like to see it, but an even bigger part thinks it’s a bad idea. I think it’s a bit fiddily and complicated at this point in Wrestlemania season (notwithstanding the confusion on Smackdown this week, which if anything, makes another quick exchange more unlikely). I do, however, think Lawler will be wrestling at Wrestlemania, and I would be in favour of a King vs Cole match at the big show. A lot of people believe that Cole will, again, cost King the WWE Championship, thus leading to the Wrestlemania match, and that seems good to me, the only issue is WWE changing the booking because so many people are ‘on to it’.Whatever happens though, I expect a high quality (though relatively short), emotional match.

Winner: The Miz

Match 5: Smackdown Elimination Chamber Match for the World Heavyweight Championship: Edge (c) vs Kane vs Rey Mysterio vs Wade Barrett vs Drew McIntyre vs ???
Dolph Ziggler’s ‘firing’ has completely changed the interest of this match, and for the better! Before this week, the match seemed to only be about how to get Edge, or possibly Rey Mysterio  in to the Wrestlemania main event. Now it seems different. My natural instinct is that whoever enters that match in Ziggler’s place will win the match; after all, that sort of surprise is only ever utilised to crown a surprise new champion, as this PPV has become known for. So the real question here is: who will take Ziggler’s place? Well, of course, it could be almost anybody, but I think there are five legitimate possibilities. The first is obviously that Ziggler could simply return seeking revenge. I think, however, that this would be a bit too obvious and not really much of a sell on the firing (though lest we remember the regular occurrence of John Cena when he was fired!), after all, who would have re-hired him? The second is Kofi Kingston. He could pull shock double-duty and enter the match to seek revenge against Alberto Del Rio (improving their story ten-fold). The problem with this is that I highly doubt that WWE are ready to put the world title on Kofi. Next is Cody Rhodes. This is only suggestion I have which wouldn’t end in the surprise entrant actually winning the match. I’m liking the build for his feud with Mysterio, and this could add to that as Rhodes costs Mysterio his shot at the title etc etc. Another possibility is The Undertaker. I can’t help but think (and hope!) that the sheer obviousness of the ‘2 21 11’ videos being The Undertaker is a swerve, and that they actually refer to Sting or Triple H or someone equally surprising. That would leave Undertaker free for a genuinely shocking surprise. It’s a bold prediction to make though, and I’m not convinced he’ll necessarily be chasing the WHC, so I move on to my number one favourite for the slot: Christian. Now maybe this is wishful thinking, but surely if even if all the worst rumours about Vinnie not liking Christian are true, he must see that there’s money in him facing or teaming with Edge at Wrestlemania! The fun doesn’t stop there though! It was Alberto Del Rio that put Captain Charisma out in the first place. All the pieces connect here for a fresh and hugely anticipated Wrestlemania main event! It all depends on Christian’s physical status, but he has been recouping for a long time now, he might be just about serviceable. This would be the dream scenario for me.

Winner: Mystery Entrant (Hopefully Christian!)


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