RAW Recall (‘2 21 11’): Back from the Verge of Disappointment

HHH and Undertaker seemed to agree to a match at Wrestlemania

This will have to be a quick post because I’m really busy this week.

The show opened with Cena’s rap about the Rock, which turned out to be awesome! After last week, it would be hard to even come close to matching Rocky, but it seemed he did. What he ‘said’ certainly seemed to have some truth to it, and his insults were very cutting! It’ll be interesting to see what will happen now. Cena seemed to win the crowd over with what he said, and I can’t imagine Rock not being on the show next week to address Cena’s words.

At the top of the hour we had the revelation of the ‘2 21 11’ mystery, which was, just about a success. When it counted down and ‘Taker came out, I think it’s fair to say most were disappointed, but when Triple H stole the show by returning before Undi could speak made the whole thing more surprising and rewarding for the viewer. I still think it was a mis-judgement to use the vignettes for this. You can’t have that sort of mysterious vignette, reveal who the returnee is, and it not be a swerve. The right thing to do would have been to have the exact same footage, but sell it with the subtitle ‘Undertaker Rises. 2 21 11.’ rather than just ‘2 21 11’. It set up for a fall by doing that. As I say though, Trips coming back saved it all (I think his huge pop was more relief from the crowd) and their interaction in complete silence was reminiscent of a great cinematic scene. That silent negotiation about a match at Wrestlemania was very well played out. Next week, however, they’ll have to add some colour to the story. One problem I had with all this was that HHH seems to have completely forgotten about Sheamus. He needs to have a big match with him before ‘Mania, or I would have a bit of an issue with HHH not having an issue with Sheamus taking him out for so long. As for Undertaker, he still has unfinished business with Nexus (though most of those responsible for burying him are now in Corre). I think it’s also important that he finishes something with them.

Cole was an excellent heel once more during his interview with Jerry Lawler, culminating in Cole’s shocking comments about King’s mother. Huge kudos to Jerry for being able to go through that segment. The King-Cole match at ‘Mania seems to be on it’s way, especially after Cole threw water in King’s face (maybe that could be his special move, ‘The Water Splash’). Very compelling viewing here, and again, well played out.

The main event displayed the sort of chaos you might associate with Wrestlemania season. Corre vs Miz/Cena was certainly weird booking, but I think it did a good job. I was wondering how Miz and Cena would lose, expecting The Rock to maybe appear in some way, but instead, and shockingly, Miz and Cena went over. It made for better build between Miz and Cena, but made Corre look pretty weak. That, in fact, was very good for Miz, who certainly looked closer to Cena’s level than theirs, dominating Gabriel and Slater with ease. I’m glad Corre managed to win the belts back though, as I think Miz and Cena being tag champs would have been a little gooyf at this stage and could have obstructed their story. They have a good enough history as it is without anything like that. Miz’s Skull Crushing Finalé to Cena as he was attempting an AA Slater. Nice. Maybe they could have had that finish in one, longer, match in which Miz and Cena looked to be working as a really good team, but in the end, I guess that’s of little consequence. Chaotic, and while i’m not really sure what I think of it critically, I think I enjoyed it.


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